Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lost connections

I'm posting a new blog because, if you haven't noticed, the link in the blog before no longer works. Cory is making a new blog and hopefully he will put his most recent blogs on the new one! Anyway. Lots of happenings, but I don't have the energy to post any of it right now! I hope you are all doing well! Check back soon for more detail!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's happening...

You wanna know what's been happening in our house? Go here for more details!!!!! Please pray for us, there's some changing going on!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What was I thinking?

Today is day 2 of another 7 day stretch of working. At the end of the stretch, I will have worked approximately 112 hours. WOW! That sounds ridiculous! What was I thinking? I think I have lost my mind... if not, I'm sure I will have by the end of this schedule! Anywho... just wanted to update those of you who care, on what's been going on this week:
*Monday was MY birthday! Yep, that's right. I turned the BIG 2-7!! I spent the day alone for the most part. I had court in the afternoon for my G.A.L stuff - it did not go the way I had hoped! I left frustrated and annoyed at the unorganization of some and the lack of communication of most! I picked up all the kids and came home to a beautiful bouquet of yellow and white DAISIES (my favorite) and balloons on my front door step from my favorite US Soldier! He's so sneaky! I finished the night with dinner with the parentals, my BFF and all the kiddos!
*Tuesday was CORY'S birthday! (isn't he lucky? I've made it easy for him to remember my bday - its the dayh before his!). He turned the big 2-9(almost 30, hehe!) I had to work a 24hr shift, so my day was almost a bust (I say almost because the next bullet will be about how amazing our God is!!!). Cory had a good day, I think. He had dinner with some of our closest military buddies, complete with the Chicken Dance, the annual "birthday beating"(not as painful as it sounds), and a gift from his roomies. I didn't buy him anything (shame on me, I know) because I will be purchasing the next COD4 complete with night goggles in the next month or so - that will be his birthday gift!!! We missed him, but this will be the last!
*God is Good! All the time! Here's what saved my Tuesday... Let me go back a day - Court, on Monday, was disappointing. But when I left, I called to give the 411 to the person in charge of "my" kiddos (the G.A.L. kiddos that is). She informed me that they boys would be moved the next day but was unsure where. I was beyond frustrated as I could envision the nightmare it would be to track down these kids once they are moved (communication is lacking in the job - BIG TIME!) Anyway. I decided that I would spend the next day (Tues) trying to make heads or tails of it all. I woke up dreading the phone calls I would have to make. I went into work and began talking to the off-going crew. One of them made a comment that she had to hurry home because she was getting 2 new kids that day and had to rearrange a few things... I inquired as to the ages. She said 8 and 2! I gasped and asked if it was >>>>> >>>>> and >>>>> >>>>>>?!?! She said YES!!!!!!! OMG! PTL!!! No phone calls needed to be made! I knew where they were! And it also meant I didn't need to rush over to the foster home to make sure it was suitable (some of them are NOT - trust me!)! I was so excited and relieved! The foster mom and I work together, so we communicate on a semi regular basis - so I can keep close tabs on them! I love it!!! God is SO good!
*We are in full swing of Soccer season. Hailey's doing great! Its so neat to watch her develop her skills in the sport!
*Samantha started dance on Thurs. SHE LOVED IT!!! That's actually an understatement! She got her first pair of ballet slippers and she was glowing! I can already hear the "tap,tap,tap" that will be ringing through our house when she gets her tap shoes!
*Reese is doing well... still rotten, as always! He no longer cries when we leave him at daycare, he now cries when we pick him up!!! But I'll take it! He's with MeMa and Pop (Cory's parents) this weekend. I will have to de-program him next week - for sure!
So that's it! We're in full swing of life now, settling back into a routine after the crazy summer! I am exhausted most days when I finally make it to bed. I have always wondered what it would be like to have a "normal" life - but have recently come to the realization that THIS is our "normal". Its chaotic most days, but I LOVE IT!!!!!!