Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Christmas is over. I survived! I hope that everyone is Blogville had a wonderful Christmas and spent it with the ones you love most, but most importantly you remembered the REAL reason for the season. I hope to upload some pictures soon of all our festivities. Here's a quick list of what's been going on in our little corner of the world...
1- is for the number of teeth Reese now has! YEAH!!!!!!! It is also for the number of Hamsters I have in my house at this time.
2- is for the number of years Cory and I have been married (as of Dec. 26). Happy anniversary, honey!
3- is for the number of diamonds in my Christmas/anniversary present from my husband (who actually searched and found it online and had it shipped to me). It is also for the number of stories in Hailey's new doll house!
4-is for the number of hours I've been averaging of sleep lately. I am having a REALLY hard time staying asleep and its starting to wear me down a great deal.
5- is for the number of months I've survived this deployment! Woo hoo!!!
6-is for the number of days I worked last week (that's out of 7, might I remind you).
7- is for the number of times I've been to the Pediatrician this month! Now all three of my kids have had Pneumonitis!
8- is for the number of hours Cory is now required to work at this time. He was on 12's but they have just got another guy to help out. Cory's still having a really hard time, so please keep him in ur prayers. Hopefully cutting back his hours will help some!
9- is the number of times I "lurked" on blogs last week. I can't log on at work as of yet, but I get on and check them - that's why I haven't left messages!
10- is the for the number of days the girls have been out of school! We are ALL ready to start back - especially me!
11- is for the months Reese has been on this earth (outside my belly, that is). I can't believe his first birthday is less than a month away!
12- is for the number of hours it will probably take me to get my house back in order from the chaos of the holidays!

So there you have it! Just a little update! I can't wait to see all the pics from your Holidays, so hurry up and post em, would ya!?!?!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Going through the motions

Its Christmas Eve. Wow!! I honestly can't believe its already here. I haven't blogged much over the last week. The reason is simple - I am having a really hard time. This week has been a million times more difficult to take than I ever expected. With Christmas and our anniversary (Friday), I am flooded with emotions. I am trying to be "Merry" but I find myself just going through the motions.
I hope you guys have a WONDERFUL Christmas! Please spend it with the ones you love most and try not to get caught up in the "hustle and bustle". Jesus is the reason for the season! I have really tried to focus on that this year. We love you guys! Merry Christmas and God Bless and keep you safe - wherever you are!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spoke too soon

So I spoke too soon... I knew after posting the previous blog, I would live to regret it. Friday, I had to take Hailey BACK to the Dr. I had picked her up from school and she was complaining of her ear hurting a little. While I was in Reese's daycare picking him up, Hailey hit her head inside the car. She was screaming that her ear hurt really bad. It has to be said that Sam and Hailey have had ear infections since they were 4 mths old, and never complain of pain. I only knew they had one (an infection that is) after going to the Dr with some other symptom. So for her to cry, I knew it had to be bad.
So I took her back to the Dr. She has an ear infection - duh. But something more troubling than that, she STILL has some sort of resp funk. We've decided that if she still has stuff going on in two weeks, she will have to have an xray and possibly some other tests run. She's on yet another round of antibiotics. She says she's feeling better, but I'm not sure if its because she is afraid what "other tests" entales. So please say a prayer for her. She's been a trooper, but I know she's tired of being sick (just like me).
On that note. With all of us being so sick for so long, I started thinking and talking to some people about it all. And after my best friend mentioned that the sickness began shortly after moving into our house, I began to think about it and they do correlate. So, my mission this week, track down an HVAC guy to come and check out my air ducts (or vents, I don't know the difference) and see if there's anything that I should be concerned about. If that's not it, I've considered ripping up all the carpet in my house and putting in hard woods. If there's anyone out there who could offer ANY direction, be it a name of a good HVAC guy or the name of a good flooring company or maybe another direction I need to be considering, I would greatly appreciate it! I don't know what the answer is, but I do hope to find it soon. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm back....

...from the land of the living dead, that is. I have finally recovered (almost completely) from the "plague" that has haunted me for the last 2 mths. I know I'm being a bit dramatic, but I have felt miserable for far too long. I think we're all on the other side of the sickness and hopefully there will be no more (yeah right, but can't a girl dream?!?!)
Here's a quick update on the "goings on" at the Trotters...
*Reese has FINALLY mastered crawling. He's pulling up and will stand on his own for a few seconds... and you know what that means!! He started a new daycare this week and he LOVES it. He's smiling when I leave and smiling when I get there to pick him up - what more could I ask for? They love him - but what's not to love?!?! He still has NO teeth. This bothers me. Have any of you known an almost 11 mth old with NO teeth? He's learning new words everyday and is so full of personality.
*Samantha was Terrific kid last month at school. She's loving school and doing Upward cheerleading this winter. She loves it! She has asked Santa for a hamster. Although Santa initially refused to let another breathing, eating, pooping creature in our house, he has found a soft spot in his heart and will be delivering said creature Christmas Eve. It will be interesting to see how that's carried on the sleigh. (Shhh, its a secret!!)
*Hailey is Terrific kid this month at school. She's also loving school and also doing Upward cheerleading this winter. She asked for a "Barbie Doll House". So Santa has made her a 3 story house. Its huge and he has put ME in charge of putting all the pieces together - WooHoo! (Shhh, its a secret, too!!)
*Cory is doing as good as to be expected. Its the holidays, and he's having a hard time. But he's hanging in there. Just keep him in your prayers, the next month is going to be tough. Any cards you could send to him would be greatly appreciated...let me know if you are interested.
*I am good. I have my days. The holidays are hitting me harder than I had expected. I'm trying not to be a complete scrooge, but its just not the same without him. I still love my job, although the last few shifts have been trying. I look forward to 2009 because it means this rollercoaster will be half over!
So that's it for now. Nothing overly exciting going on in our house. I hope you all are enjoying your Holiday Season! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A tribute to my heroes

Christmas Tribute to the Military
Author - Pam Cartwright
Christmas in the Great Lakes states is probably much like Christmas in other areas of the U.S. We don't have enough time or money to do everything we wish we could. We eat too much, spend too much, sleep too little and exercise only by walking into or out of the mall. Our intentions are good.
We buy special gifts for everyone we can think of. We make huge efforts to get just the right gifts..Uncle Frank is so hard to buy for. Did I get that scarf for him?Sue really loves tea. Will she like the tea set I bought her?I have a doctor's appointment on Monday. Should I get something for the nurse at Dr. Johnson's office?
But, sometimes a gift has nothing to do with buying. It's a kind word or a lift to the grocery or a phone call to a far-away friend.
The other day as I was walking into our local supercenter I saw a person dressed in military clothing. You know the kind of outfit I'm talking about. We got used to it with Desert Storm – that desert fighting apparel.
I was in awe, as I always am, when face-to-face with someone in the military. The person noticed me staring and shouted hello, so I returned the greeting. It got me to thinking about Christmas in the military.
Today, I wrote this poem to thank the men and women who keep our country safe. If you know someone in the service and would like to, please pass it along to them. I would be honored if you share this gift.
You are in my thoughts and prayers today as Christmas Eve draws near
I praise you for your sacrifice to protect what we hold dear
Your thoughts here at Christmastime, I hope are filled with trust
That you will soon be home again where you belong - with us
Each time I see a person clothed in military dress
I silently pray that they return whole and without stress
I give them my biggest smile and hope they understand
That I am thanking them right there in the only way I can
I do not know the harms you face, my information lacks
The knowledge of the place you go when you get summoned back
I share your love of country even if I do not go
You honor me by serving when you may not wish it so
As you read this ode to faith and hope and trust and love, I pray
That it will bring you peace and strength to make it through the day
Remember why we celebrate, remember that we care
Even in the midst of night when no one else is there
As you stand your vigils in the dark and your thoughts wander far
And your greatest wish - to be home - is wished upon a star
Please take my tribute to you and keep it in your heart
I only say what many feel while we are far apart
I hope the loneliness you have is one that you believe
Will make the world a better place each future Christmas Eve
Thank you.

*This tribute was written by the mother of a woman who I am blessed to call my friend. Tina is also an Army wife and a woman who's strength I draw from more than she'll ever know. Please remember our soldiers this Holiday season as we are apart. Merry Christmas and May God be with you all this busy season!

Monday, December 1, 2008

New week, fresh start

I know last week I was MIA, and for that I apologize. I know that while I do not have a large, loyal fanbase, the ones of you who do care have missed me!!! Last week was HORRIBLE, beyond horrible. Here's a breakdown of the last 7 days of my life...
Monday (last monday, that is) - I had the stomach bug. Why do they call it a bug? Bugs are little creatures you can crush and move on. There was nothing little or crushable(is that a word) about this sickness. I honestly prayed that the Lord take my life more than once. I stayed home from work and almost OD on Phenergan and sleeping pills, so I could "sleep it off".
Tuesday - Hailey was asked by her teacher how I was feeling, her response "She can at least stand up without puking". Progress had been made! Still unable to eat, I went to work, feeling reasonable. While at work, I had to be given 250cc bolus of fluids for dehydration and then the REAL pain started.
Wednesday - By the time I got off work, I was unable to stand and walk. My abdomen was KILLING me. I had seen one of the ER doc's who had determined I had Appendicitis and gave me a shot of pain killers. I decided Wed afternoon to go and see my GI doctor, who backed the decision to not do surgery til after the new year - believe it or not, the state my body is in now, I would be better off having my appendix rupture than what would come with the surgery (it complicated, but my reality). So its anti-inflamatories and antibiotics until 09!!
Thursday - still unable to keep anything down, I went to Anderson for lunch with the in laws. I managed to set a few things straight and anger people who weren't even at lunch - that takes skill! Lets just say, those of you out there who think you have nightmarish In laws, call me - you have NO clue!!! My night ended with dinner at my bestest friend's house. It was great food (that actually stayed down - well most of it), great family and great fun!! Despite the drama of the rest of the day.
Friday - Brian and Annie came up to do Thanksgiving. Its always so good to sit and spend quality time with them - just us. I only wish we lived closer and could do it more often. I think Hannah may be finally warming up to me - unfortunately we don't have the close bond I had hoped, but I hope she knows I love her and even though she lives far away, she's still my favorite 3 yr old!!! That night I headed back to work to begin three of the worst nights I have ever had at my job.
Saturday - I had to hold over 4 hours at work holding a crazy man's pants - true story! Came home, slept and went back to work. Again, I LOVE my job and I wanted to quit this night more than once.
Sunday - sleep, and back for night # 3. Luckily, they say bad luck comes in 3's - I've had my 3 so now I'm waiting for my stroke of goodness.
So that's just a quick recap. I'm glad its a new week and I have been given a fresh start. Hopefully this week will be much better and will not be near as drama filled! Hailey had to go to the Dr today - she has a sinus infection and a upper resp infection. And so it continues... sick kids, tired mommy. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!! And I hope you have an even better week. I would like to promise that I will do better with blogging, but I make no promises. I will, however try! Thanks for sticking it out with me!

Friday, November 21, 2008

And so it begins...

Tonight we began our holiday festivities by taking a trip to see Santa. As you can see by the picture, the girls have conquered their fear of the Jolly man in the red suit. However, Reese is not a fan. Hailey pointed out that Santa was thinner than he should have been and Samantha replied - he's on the Atkins diet like Pappy! Thankfully, this is just a pic I took with my phone on my camera. The real picture will be a good shot with Reese superimposed (sp) on Santa's lap. I will definitely post it as I'm sure it will be great!!!
After we left the hospital (where Santa was), we came home and ate dinner. Reese had been sleeping a lot today, so I knew he wasn't feeling well. When he woke up from his catnap, he was having some trouble breathing. After much deliberation and calling some of my Paramedic/RN buddies, I made the decision to take him to SRMC emergency room! They have an AWESOME Peds ER (and I'm not just saying that because I work there). Reese saw one of my favorite Drs and we were in and out in a little over an hour - if you've been to the ER lately, thats absolutely AMAZING!!! Reese has an Upper Resp infection (borderline RSV), a right ear infection (the left is not too far behind it) AND a Sinus infection! So, I guess its ok if he wasn't up to being held by a stranger in a red suit with bells that would NOT be quiet, and having his picture made. Thank goodness for technology; hopefully we'll get a good pic from piecing all the bad ones together!
So that's how I've started off my weekend. On a good note, Reese went almost 10 mths without ANY ear fear is that its only just begun (the girls have had 3 sets of tubes, Cory had major ear issues as a child - poor Reese doesn't stand a chance). Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Santa baby

Its 2 AM and when I should be taking full advantage of my night off by sleeping soundly in my bed, Reese is sick. Bless his heart. Nothing is more sad to me than sick babies. So I've caught up on on the blogs I read and have read all my emails. I know I have been slack with blogging lately, but I just don't have a whole lot to say... well, let me take that back - I have A LOT to say, but I'm just not ready to share yet. So I thought I would take this opportune time to update you on what's been going on with us over the last week:

Pappie bought Reese this Santa suit. He looks SO cute!! It came complete with little "boot looking" booties. This picture does not even do it justice. I hope to get better pics of him in it soon. I've convinced the girls to wear reindeer antlers and pull Reese in a wagon for our church's annual Preschool Christmas Parade - there WILL be pics of that, I assure you!!

*Reese has mastered crawling - FINALLY! Still no teeth, but hopefully by Christmas.

*Cory is not doing too well right now. Please pray for him. He's having some emotional issues that he's having to deal with. And its breaking my heart that I am not there to help. There's a lot to it, as always, but the bottom line is that only GOD can heal his heart.

*The girls are busy little beavers. Samantha had a stomach bug yesterday, Hailey has had Pink eye. BUT we've made it through an entire day with NO SICKNESS or INJURY - Praise the Lord. I think the aliens who abducted them a couple weeks ago are slowly returning pieces of thier brains, as they are acting more and more like my sweet girls everyday!

*Work is great! I know not too many people can honestly say they LOVE thier job, but I can. I love what I do, I love the people I work with. And even though I'm tired most of the time from lack of sleep, I still feel like I made one of the best decisions in my life going back to work!

So that's about it. Nothing too exciting. I hope you all are having a good week!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not all heroes wear capes... Ours wear Combat Boots

If you've been living under a rock, you may not know today is Veteran's Day. The girls had a ceremony this morning at their school that was so sweet (and that I cried through - the whole thing). I just wanted to take a moment to share with you guys some pics of our heroes, our friends and family in the military. Be sure to thank a Veteran today, if you haven't already!

Us with our own hero!

Samantha and Hailey at their Veterans Day festivities.

Samantha and Hailey again.

Chace, Cory, Doc, and Finley - just part of the crew.

Jeremy, David, Doc and Cory (and of course Reese) - we love you guys!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Playing Catch-up

Here are just a few pics of what we've been up to. They are in no particular order. I've been really slack with blogging and taking pics, and for that, I apologize. Hopefully now that things are calming down, I can step it up a little! I do have pics of Reese at Halloween (he was a duck), but they are in my phone. I'll upload them ASAP! Hope you are having a great week!

Samantha as a GoGo dancer. She had a purple wig, but got tired of it!

Hailey as Cleopatra. She had a black wig, but also got tired of it.

I've discovered what to do with them when they are crazy... :)

Reese has acquired some cute Winter apparel, thanks to Grammie!! He looks so cute in them!

Cory sent me flowers from Afghanistan. Aren't they beautiful? Daisies are my favorite!! I love you honey!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Yes we can

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I cannot vote tomm. However, someone sent me this video today and I thought it was profound. Do I believe the man in this video is the one who should lead us? Do I believe either one is the man for the job? That is not the point of this post. I am not getting into a political post, as I hope by now you have made your decision and feel confident in who you will choose. This video struck me not because of who is talking, but what is being said. No one man can change our nation or the world. Putting all our faith in one man is futile... but yes WE can. And more importantly and a thought I feel has been lost in the chaos is yes GOD can. So my prayer tonight is not for one or the other to win, it is that GOD will work through whomever is elected. And also that we, as a country, can realize that its not who lives in the White House that matters, but that we are the UNITED States of America and together, WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE!!!
*Turn off my song on the right hand side and watch the video.*
Yes We Can Obama Song by Will.I.Am

Sunday, October 26, 2008

9 mths old

Reese turned 9 mths old today. I can't believe how fast time is going by, but I"m not complaining. He is such a handsome guy and full of personality. He looks more and more like his Daddy everyday - what a blessing and a curse. He has added so much to this family in such a little time. The girls adore him and he keeps me on my toes! His Daddy's missing a lot, but thank God he'll never remember this time! Happy Day, Bubba! We love you!

Reese not even a day old.Reese 9 mths old.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


My sister in law shared some of her heart here the other day. While I hate to hear that anyone struggles with ANYTHING, especially my family, it gave me some comfort to know I'm not the only one who struggles with anxiety and worry. Unlike Annie, I am not usually a worrier. I was at one time, but for several years, I've just been a go-with-the-flow, whatever happens happens kind of girl. I think I've let go of a good bit of the "control" that I wanted to have over the world. Over the six months, my life has been plagued with anxiety. I've shared my struggle on more than one occasion. While I am sad to report that anxiety is still a major part of my life and I've had to seek medical attention for it at this time, this post is about a new "disease" I've created for myself... guilt.
As some of you know, Cory has been moved from his initial FOB to a larger,"safer" (I use that term loosely as I know he is still in a war zone) place. Let me preface the rest of this post by saying - I AM SO GRATEFUL TO GOD THAT HE SAW FIT TO PUT CORY WHERE HE IS!!! He is getting the treatment he needs for his shoulder, he is with one of our closest friends, and he is in a much larger place (which translates into safer where he is). He is doing a job that is allowing his shoulder to heal properly (at least relatively) and he seems to be with a good group of people. What more could I need, right? At least if Cory is not with me and the kids, he is with one of the only other people I trust with Cory's life - and is getting some form of treatment... Well, lately, Ive been plagued with guilt. I feel guilty that Cory is "safe" and our other good friends are in harms way daily. This guilt was magnified a million times after watching the clips I posted earlier.
You see, even though Texas was not a great place for us to be, and the Army has not been what we had hoped, we managed to make some pretty awesome friends - I would even venture to say we formed a pretty unique family (a bit disfunctional at times). So when Cory deployed in July, I felt as if I was not only sending my Husband to war, but also my brothers. One of my ways to "cope" was knowing that I had their wives to cry with, vent to and lean on. We were all in the same boat. Of course, things were shook up a bit early on, but soon they settled in, as did we, the wives. We are all in different areas of the country, in different walks in life, but we had one thing in common - our men were fighting in one of the most dangerous places on the planet. Because they were in the same area (not the same FOB, most of them) we had a way to keep track of how they were all doing. Through all the losses our unit has taken, we've found solace in knowing our men had each other to lean on.
But with Cory being removed, whether it be temporary or permanent, I feel guilty. You see, because I care about those men and their wives so much - its ripping me apart to know they are still constantly in harms way and their wives are dealing with that fear everyday. While all of my friends have been wonderful and so thankful that Cory is getting the treatment he needs, I have created a tornado of guilt - sometime's I'm at peace and feeling ok, only to find out that was just the eye of the storm and then I'm tossed into funnel cloud only to have my heart and mind ripped apart.
I hope this does not come off like I am an ungrateful, spoiled brat. I am more grateful than anyone will ever know. I can't even begin to explain the peace I have been given knowing Cory is getting what he needs. I can only thank God for that. This is his doing. And just as I am confident in that statement, I am confident that Satan is plaguing me with this guilt. There is a lot more to this, I just wanted to share a bit of what I'm struggling with this morning (and everyday for that matter). Please continue to pray for me as I take this journey. Pray that God will guard my heart and mind and will grant me peace. I never knew that this would be such a rollercoaster of emotion - even if they are emotions I'm creating for myself (which I know that is what most of this is).
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
The courage to change the things I can.
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Does anyone know how to make a slideshow and add a song to it? I have a slideshow made on Photobucket for Cory and I have a song picked out, but I can't figure out how to get it all together. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Part 2

If you are interested, here is part two of the video that I posted yesterday. This clip does not show Shepler, but it does tell of the tragedy that struck last week. Please pray for Shepler as he was the medic on scene and was in the building that was blown up. He and the other men are having a hard time dealing with all of this. Pray that God will guard their hearts and minds and not let them turn cold. Jeremy is one of the faithful Christians that helped us get through our time in Texas - his wife says he's taking this really hard. Please pray for these men and the other men and women over there!

Monday, October 20, 2008

So thankful

This video is of Bravo Co. 1/26th INF - AKA the Vipers. Cory was with these guys initially and one of our closest friends Jeremy Shepler is there now. This video opened my eyes to what I'm sure is only a glimpse of what they endure daily! I am so thankful tonight, for many reasons, after watching this video. Part 2 will be shown tomm on the NBC nightly news at 6:30 EST. This puts a name with faces and soldiers I've asked you to pray for this whole time. Please pray for Jeremy - or Shepler as we call him. He is in charge of keeping these men well and going - what a huge burden to carry. He does it so well and gives the Army his all. Pray for his wife, Elizabeth. They were married a mere month before she sent her husband to the "Valley of Death". She's such a strong woman and source of strength for me during this time. I love you girl. And lastly, but definitely not least - pray for ALL of the soldiers fighting for YOU and I. THEY are what the Armed Forces is all about. Even though the last month I have been so frustrated with the Army, watching this video makes me so thankful for everything they do. And it reminds me that its not the organization as a whole, but only a select few. God Bless these soldiers, their families and God Bless America!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I 'm sure you all have heard of this, but I wanted to re-emphasize how important it is. I work in he E.R. at the "big" hospital here in the county and last night we had an incident where we weren't quite sure who to call for the pt. I'm not going to go into detail, even though the person was not technically a "patient" of ours. It was gut wrenching to know that there was no one to call at such a life altering time for this person. I know this is really vague, but I'm exhausted and about to go to bed. Here's what to do:
I.C.E. stands for "in case of emergency". In your wallet, purse, pocket, cell phone, whatever is with you ALWAYS, put a paper with numbers and names to call in case you are unable to call but you are having an emergency. In your cell, put ICE by the names of those who you'd like to call. I assure you, paramedics, police officers, AND staff at the ER will find this info and it will be VERY helpful. In a time you need the ones you love the most, but can't say who those people are - its good to know that those who don't know you will know how to connect with those who do!!! Have a great day!

Friday, October 17, 2008

With great sadness

It brings me great sadness to inform you guys we have yet another fallen soldier. Four in one week. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE pray for these soldier's families and the soldiers left behind. I can't even imagine what these casualties have done for morale. They are gone, but never forgotten.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Never any easier

fallen soldier Pictures, Images and Photos
I know I mentioned this here , but I feel these heroes need their own spot. We've lost 4 more soldiers. I've lost count of the actual number and honestly, I'm afraid to look back and count the number of casualties thus far. Please keep these families and the soldiers left behind in your prayers. It never gets any easier.

ABC's of me

Allergic reactions, Broken bones, & Chicken pox. Cory has been gone for exactly a week today. And in this week, I've managed to have some ailment with all three of my kiddos. Monday, Samantha broke her collar bone. Hailey is having an allergic reaction to some meds that's she's taking and has a very unpleasant rash. I took Reese to the Dr today to determine whether or not he has the chicken pox - and that is still up in the air. This is just week one. Its got to get better, right? I've gone back to work as well. The good part of all of this is that I'm so occupied with who needs what when I"m at home, I don't have time to think about how much I miss my love.
On that note, Cory is doing well. I've talked to him twice today - GASP!!! He's seen the Ortho doc. No surgery right now. But surprisingly, I am at peace with that. He's been given another option that in my book is just as good (if not better). I'm not going to discuss what that option is right now, as if I've learned anything from the Army, its been to not count your chickens before they hatch. But things are looking up everyday! GOD IS GOOD - ALL THE TIME!! Its so amazing to me that even though I know he knows I doubt him, he is ever so patient in revealing to me that it's all gonna work out. He humbles us everyday. I struggle with letting go, but he never gives up on me. Thank God for that!
On a side note, could you add to your prayer list the families of 4 more fallen soldiers. Sadly, I've lost count of the numbers of fatalities from our unit. I know its well over 10. I pray the Lord has "lifted their souls, and is healing the hurt" (from Carrie Underwood's "Just a dream" - a song that is absolutely gut wrenching but beautiful).
So that's it for now. I'm off to medicate the kids, clean the house and get dinner going! Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Angel with a broken wing

Before I try and get some sleep before having to go back to work, I wanted to ask you guys in Blogville to say a prayer for my Samantha. She broke her clavicle yesterday doing a cartwheel. She is pitiful and in a good bit of pain. So as you're going about your day, if you would just lift her up in prayer so that she heals quickly and in as little pain as possible. Thanks you guys!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Picking up the pieces

It's Saturday. Cory has almost made it to his final destination. The kids are busy. I guess its time to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and move forward. I don't really have anything profound to offer today, just some pics that I've been meaning to post. Tomm's goal is to take some pics of our new house for you guys to see. Thank you for your uplifting words and prayers. They mean so much to us all. Enjoy! (They are in no particular order)

Reese showing Daddy how to feed him.
Reese loves to sit at our back door and "talk" to the dogs. Maybe he's the next Dr. Dolittle.
The girls celebrated their 7th Bday with a cooking party. That white blob in front of Sam is Pepperoni Bread - YUM!!!
Hailey with her Pepperoni Bread.
We also painted plates and cutting boards. This is Ansley. Also, notice the kitchen set. We got it at a yard sale! I'll take better pics soon. (It was such a bargain)
Hailey getting ready to play soccer. She is so talented, I hope she keeps with it!
Reese has graduated to a bath seat. This was a $2 find at a consignment sale! Best $2 I've spent in a long time.
Seeing Daddy for the first time at the airport.
The girls ran across the airport to get their Daddy - it was so cute!!! They were so excited!
Finally a COMPLETE family! What a happy day! This was Cory coming in. We didn't get any pics of the goodbyes (it was NOTHING to celebrate).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Heartbreak on the Homefront

Cory left today to head back to Afghanistan. It was a shock for us because he needs surgery on his shoulder and were expecting for his leave to be extended. We were supposed to see the surgeon who would perform the surgery today and 2 hours before he was to get on a flight, Rear D called and told him he could not stay. Even after our Dr contacted Rear D and expressed his concern for Cory's health and the need for surgery, he still had to go. This time hurts so much more than any other time I've ever had to leave him. I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest. We had been reassured that Cory could seek the treatment he needed to fix his shoulder. And to have it come down to literally the "11th hour" was absolutely devastating for us. There is so much more to this story, so much wrong has been done.
So Cory is heading back. Both his spirit and his body are broken. The girls are holding up amazingly well. They've had their moments, but they have definitely been real troopers. Reese was laying in my arms tonight as I was rocking him back to sleep and looking around saying "Dadadada". I'm not sure if it was intentional, but it broke my heart none the less. I think he has gotten used to seeing Daddy. Everytime the door opens, he looks with such excitement only to have it turn to disappointment. As for me, I'm a wreck. This is far more traumatizing for me than any of the other times we've had to say goodbye.
So please continue to pray for us. I know that we will get it together and move forward with our lives. Staying busy and trying to keep it together until Daddy comes home for good. Its gonna be a long 9 mths. The pain is so raw right now. I pray that it subsides as time passes. I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm proud, I'm nauseous, I'm so in love with my soldier. Such is my life. An emotional rollercoaster.
*Dear Lord,
Please keep my love, as well as the other soldiers fighting in foreign lands, safe. Please call your Army of Angels from R&R and have them surround him, guarding him. Please grant him relief from the pain of his shoulder and heal his heart from the brokeness of today. I pray that you grant the surgeons he will be seeing in Afghanistan the wisdom and knowledge to know how to adequately care for his injuries. Almighty, please grant the children and I peace, calm our spirits and guard our hearts and minds while our hero is away. I pray that you guide my steps each and everyday so that I can keep my kids occupied but never let them forget where Daddy is and what he is doing. You are the Knower of all things, the Peacespeaker, the Alpha and Omega. Please place your hand on us as we continue on this journey.
In your precious and Holy name I pray.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

7 years, WOW!

Seven years ago, today, I was in the hospital recovering from having the most beautiful set of twins I had ever seen. I remember when they were delivered, the Dr told me their lungs were great, which was our biggest concern - I was so relieved. I had some complications so I was out of it for a while and when I woke up, the baby warmer was empty. Of course I freaked out. I was told they had been taken to the NICU because they were having "feeding issues". I was devastated. The next two weeks were filled with heading down to the NICU every 2 hours to feed them and cheering them on as they had to take 1oz in 30 min or have the feeding tube put back in. You would never know now they had ANY issues, as they have grown into beautiful little girls.

I feel like we've all grown up together as I was a mere 19 when they were born. I was so young and not ready for that responsibility. But with the help of my AWESOME family, we have made it. We have learned to spread our wings and fly - but never too far from those we love. It has definitely taken "a village to raise these children". They are always surronded by love and give love to everyone they meet.

The past two years have been filled with many uncertainties, but they have taken them all in stride and made the best of every situation. Even in Texas, they won the hearts of all those they met. Often times, they were the ones showing me how to be strong and make it through it all. They have been such a light in our lives and we are so proud of them. As they are "finding themselves" in their different activities, it is so neat to see who they are as individuals. I can't wait to see what they grow into in the years to come.

*Samantha and Hailey, We love you so very much and are so proud of you. Its hard to believe you are 7. Thank you for letting us be your parents and thank you for teaching us new things daily! We hope you have a wonderful day! Love, Momma and Daddy.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

"IT's" back

I blog tonight from a place of MAJOR anxiety. I will refrain from going into detail as I am sure my psyche can not handle living through the thoughts that flooded my mind only a matter of a few hours ago. Things have gotten really bad in the area where Cory and our other men have been stationed. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God brought Cory home so early because had he not come home, he surely would have been hurt or worse this week. I see God's hand in it all but I am SO terrified of Cory going back. Please pray for me and Cory as some news we heard just this evening has rocked us in our inner cores. We are very uncertain of our future and it has really shaken us up. PLEASE PRAY; ask your friends and family to pray. Pray also for the other men stationed with Cory as they have endured the unspeakable this week. Pray for he wives of these men as we are left to try and pick up the pieces of our men's hearts and minds. God is working BIG time in our lives right now. I hope to post more on this soon, but only when I know that I can handle it emotionally.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I AM still alive!

I know its been almost an entire week since I blogged. I've been a bit busy! Just wanted to let you guys know I am still alive. Here's a short list of what's been going on with us!
*We have gotten (sorry for the grammar, Annie) our entire living room/kitchen painted. Well almost - we're missing one wall. Our walls are green and blue -sounds ugly, but I LOVE the green and the blue was already there when we moved it (I didn't want to worry about covering it). The one wall has been left out because Cory has had a mishap (see below).
*The movers found the girl's bike that was missing. I can't remember if I shared this story or not with anyone, but the movers lost our side rails to the bed, legs to our dining room table AND Samantha's bike. They also broke several things and lost a few other miscellaneous items. Its been a nightmare, but the bike has been found and sometime next week we will have an 18 wheeler drive down our road to deliver one purple bike with training wheels - I hope to take pics, I"m sure it will be funny! (a claim will be filed for the rest of the broken/missing items)
*Reese's reflux has gotten (again, sorry Annie) worse. This is NOT a good sign, per the Pediatrician. Usually baby's begin to get better by now, but his is getting worse. He is on some medicine that helps, but if we miss a dose, we can definitely tell. This is making for some LONG nights for us all, plus its making him extremely clingy (more than usual). I feel so bad because I know what it feels like when I have heartburn, I can't even imagine what it must be thinking.
* Cory has hurt his shoulder (again). This is a pretty common occurence for us. He dislocates it on a semi regular basis (well, not regularly, but enough for us not to freak out when it happens). We went to the ER today and he is seeing an Orthopedist on Monday. We're not sure what is going to happen, but we do know that the doctors have all recommended surgery (at least the ones we've seen so far).
* Hailey was nominated to be the Assistant Student "Counselor" (that's what she calls it). She's on the student council is what it all boils down to. She's so proud! I'm not sure why she's the "assistant". I didn't realize that being on the student council was so demanding that they assigned you an assistant :). j/k
* Sam is working on her back hand spring and I am trying not to freak out everytime she falls. That's one of the bad things about being a Paramedic - I can just visualize her falling a breaking her neck and all the bad things that would happen because of that. When she's practicing, I'm constantly running through my ICE (in case of emergency) phone calls: 911, Mom, Amy, John, Traci. 911, Mom, Amy, John, Traci.
*Tonight began the girls Birthday festivities. They're actual Bday isn't until Tues, but no matter how hard we try to keep it low key, it always turns into a long week!!
* The dogs have made the move to the new house (as well as EVERY fire ant in SC - or so it seems). The dogs aren't happy about not being able to see out of the fence (its a privacy fence), and the ants aren't too happy that we keep trying to kill them. Hopefully the dogs will settle in soon and as for the ants, hopefully they will hibernate or do whatever they do soon!!! (what's up with them this year, has anyone else had issues and what did you do?)
*Cory is supposed to leave this week and I am supposed to go back to work. Monday we will find out if Cory is leaving now or later and believe it or not, I'm kind of ready to go back to work! I have really enjoyed the time with my hubby and kids, but I LOVE my job (I truly do), so I'm kind of ready to go back to the "nut hut"!
So that's about it for us! Please pray for Reese that God will give him comfort and that the Dr will figure out what the problem is soon, I know his esophagus has got to be screaming!! Please pray for Cory, that he will find some relief from the pain and that the Drs will make the right decision for treatment (and while you're praying, pray that Cory's Rear Detachment cooperates with whatever outcome and doesn't make things more difficult). Pray for the girls as they are "finding themselves" in their seperate activities. I have been so blessed and I hope you all are doing well. God bless everyone and everything - except those fire ants, UGH!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Home is where my heart is

I blog tonight from my mattress on the floor of my new master bedroom. Why am I on the floor? (you may be asking). Well, the "wonderful"(I use that word as I hold back the urge to vomit) moving company lost our side rails to our brand new bed. We need the side rails to old our bed together so without them, we are left with no bed frame. So our room looks great, except for the mattress on the floor!
We have less than 5 boxes in the garage to sort through, so I think its safe to say we are "moved in". Thanks to our good friends Shawn and Trevor, as well as my dad, John, the move went really well. Cory spent most of the week unpacking and getting things done around the house. I did some too, but my main job was to keep Reese occupied and try not to get stressed out (moving makes me want to lose my mind). We've got a couple of things Cory would like to do before he heads back to A-stan, but we are SO in love with our new home.
On that note, Cory is so glad to be home. We don't even talk about him leaving again. We know its coming, but we just want to make the best of everyday. Please continue to pray for him as well as the other soldiers. They've got a long haul before its all over. It has already taken a toll on them. My heart breaks everytime I think about what our men and women have to endure daily.
I hope to post pics soon. If not, definitely when Cory heads back as I will have more time to wait for them to upload (I'm sure you understand). Just know that I am SO in love with my husband, my kids and my beautiful home and home is where my heart is!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Moving day

The day has finally come! We are moving into our new house, starting today! It was definitely a God thing having Cory come home so early because God knew how stressed I get when I have to move! I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure it will be a several day process as we have three kids to keep up with in the process. We are taking Reese back to the Dr. this morning for his cough, so we probably will not get started until this afternoon. But the house is officially vacant and ready for its new owners - US!!! I'll update with pics as soon as I dig my way out of the sea of boxes! Happy Monday!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birthday Shout Out (take... oh forget it)

Today is my mom's birthday!! I just wanted to take a moment and give her a shout out! Although I do not have a cute video(with the CUTEST 3 year old ever, I might add) like my sister-in-law, I do hope she has a wonderful day!!
Mom, thank you so much for all you do for us each and every day! You are the greatest and without you, we'd be lost! We love you so much and are so blessed to have you as Mom and Grammie! Have a wonderful day!
Love, US

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday 5

This summer has been a busy one. I've taken tons of pictures, but instead of loading them all here, I've decided to post some highlights!! These are 5 of my favorite pics from this summer!

Reese in Charleston. He loves to laugh and smile!! Isn't he adorable?
All the grandkids. Not the greatest pic, but surely you understand the difficulty of getting 4 kids to look at smile at the same time!!

Sam and Hailey did cheerleading camp (along with cooking camp). They had such a great time.

Sam and Hailey started 1st grade. This is them on the first day. So grown up!!!

Reese has outgrown his baby bath tub (as well as the sink). He always reclines - no matter where he is. He can sit up, just chooses not to.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Something bit me...

I'm sure my colorful husband added a few more explitives to that statement, but he was bitten by a scorpion a couple days ago. OUCH!! It bit him in his left armpit - DOUBLE OUCH!!!!!!! So far, he's had no adverse side effects, just lots of pain!!!
In other news, the "good news" that I eluded to a few blogs ago is true!!! NO, I'm not pregnant (so stop asking). Cory is coming home for R&R SOON!!! I can't say when because I really don't have a definite date (besides, I couldn't release it even if I did know - OPSEC). I wasn't excited at first. Not because I don't love and miss him, but because I have just now gotten to the point where I'm not a basket case all the time, I just started my job and we're not in our house yet. Its just not the way I planned things. But, I've got work settled and it looks like we'll be moving into our house in a couple weeks, so now I'm SO EXCITED!!! Looks like he'll be home for the girls Birthday - yeah its that soon!!! The only bad thing is that when he goes back, we'll have a LONG time to go until we see each other again. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there!
The girls activities are in full swing now. Hailey has her first soccer game this Saturday, and Samantha has had her first tumbling class. I start nights this week - FINALLY!!! Reese is still fighting his cough. He did say MaMa yesterday - of course I cried... He's getting so big!! Hopefully, like I said earlier, we'll be in our new house in a couple weeks. Definitely by the end of the month! YEAH!
So that's just a little update. Cory's doing well. Besides being bitten by the scorpion, and the Army trying to get every minute out of him before he comes home for R&R, he's just peachy. The kids keep me sane (and sometimes cause me to feel like I'm going INSANE), keep me busy, but I'm loving every minute of it all! My job is great. I really enjoy work and the people I work with. I love my kids, I love my job and of course, I LOVE my soldier. Life is just moving along at warp speed! Now, if only I could figure how to freeze time when Cory's here, I'd be set!

Fallen Soldier

Today we mourn the loss of yet another 2 soldiers. Please pray for these families and for the soldiers left behind. They have taken many blows. Please pray for their continued safety, and God will give them the peace that only He can give.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Birthday shout out (take 3, I think)

Tomm, Sept 5, is one of the greatest people I know's birthday. (I know that isn't really grammatically correct, Annie, but you get what I'm saying :)). Natalie (Abrams) Childs is celebrating her 27th birthday (it may be her 28th). I remember when we were in High School a group of us would celebrate our birthdays together. Natalie and I always shared the celebration because our birthdays were so close. Now that we're all grown up and busy with our lives, we almost NEVER get together. I miss those days.
Happy Birthday, Natalie!! (I know I'm a day early - I work tomm and didn't want to forget to give you a shout out!). I hope you have a wonderful day! I will see you soon! But even though we don't see each other much anymore, please know that I love you and you will always be one of the dearest friends I have ever known!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hump Day Happenings

So its Wednesday. I'm off today and tomm and then my first full weekend working since I've been back. Just wanted to take a moment and post an update on how we're all doing.
*I'm into full work mode now. It amazing how I have just fallen back into the routine. I'm still working 11am to 11pm and I hate it. I love my job, just hate the hours. Hopefully this is my last week and then I'll be on strictly nights.
*I had reservations about working (we all know that), but I find myself feeling more accomplished and "happier" (I use that word only because I can't think of a better one at the time). I am tired, don't get me wrong. But I am a firm believer that some women are meant to be stay at home moms, but I am not one of those. I have loved being home with my kids all day everyday, but I feel more fulfilled because I'm working. Call me a horrible mother, but in my honest opinion, I feel like I'm a better mother because I'm happier and when I'm with my kids, they have my undivided attention nevermind the fact that I'm so busy that time FLIES by. Its what works for us, and I'm glad God opened the door for this job!!!
*In the nest few weeks, I'll be praying for time to come to a halt as Cory will be home for R&R. It will only be for 18 days, and its A LOT sooner than we hoped and planned, but we have both vowed to make the most of every minute we have. Work has been gracious enough to give me the full time off so I can be with my family. I am so thankful!
*With any luck, we will begin the move into our new house while Cory's home. Again, I had hoped when he came home, we would already be in our house and settled, but we have to take what we can get!
*Hailey has started soccer and LOVES it. She's so cute when she plays too. Her first game is Saturday. Hopefully I'll remember the camera.
*Sam starts tumbling next week. Mondays will be crazy for us! Hailey has soccer AND Sam has tumbling back to back. I'm glad they have chosen different activities, but its going to be chaos for a while!
*The girls are still loving school. Traffic is getting better. I have to get to the school around 1:15 to be close to the front to pick them up. Now, if we could only get rid of the moron who's the crossing guard (that another post all together).
*Reese has had a nasty cough for the last week and a half. I think we may be on the other side of it now. But he's been pitiful. Still no teeth, I think I may have to get him some dentures (LOL, J/K). He's eating baby food and some table food. He's at that stage where if ANYONE is eating, he feels like he should be too. Of course, that's not the case, but its hard to get a 7 month old to understand that!
*I finally got the pictures downloaded off my camera. I'll post some soon. I had close to 200 that needed to be downloaded. As soon as I pick which ones are "blog worthy" I'll post them.
*I'm on the hunt for another vehicle. I LOVE my Sorento, but I need more room. I would prefer to have an SUV with a third row, but it looks like I may have to break down and become a minivan mom (I'm not knocking you ladies, but if you know me, you understand I'm not a minivan mom). Any suggestions would be great!!
I think that's it. Life is in full swing here at the Trotter's and I LOVE IT!!!!!! I hope you all are doing well out there in Blogville! Have a great week!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


I know its TGIF, but tonight I am thanking God for family. Although I miss Cory terribly and I still feel like poo, my birthday was better than I thought it would be. I had lunch with Brian, Hannah and Annie - Kanpai YUM!!! And then I headed over to Amy's for the afternoon and dinner. Traci and her crew joined us for dinner and it was so nice just to sit around and talk. We have such a great time together! I am so blessed to have family (b/c my friends are as close to family as anyone) that swoops in and cheers me up when I'm down! I love you all and thank you for making my day as special as it could be!!!

Birthday shout out part 2.

Today I wanna give another birthday shout out to a good friend of ours, Zach!! Happy birthday buddy! I couldn't imagine another person I would rather share MY day with! (remember it is my day, I was here first). We miss you guys and hope to see you when this is all over!!!
Also, today is MY birthday! Happy Birthday to me. Although its not too happy, I'm sick with some sort of head cold (I think) and I'm all alone! I miss my husband. I'm doing lunch with Brian and Annie, and then dinner with The Harters and Traynhams! Right now I'm going to lay back down, I'm not feeling so hot! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birthday SHOUT OUT!

Today is my niece's birthday. Hannah is 3 yrs old! I don't get to spend near as much time with her (or her parents) as I'd like due to distance and being busy, but I hope they all know I love them! I can't believe how fast these 3 years have flown by! Happy Birthday, Hannah!! I know you'll have a wonderful day!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Not so happy birthday

This weekend is mine and Cory's birthday weekend. My birthday is Sunday and Cory's is Monday. It looks like I'll be spending it by myself for the most part (with the exception of Reese). The parentals are heading to the Lake for one last hoorah before the girls gear up with their activities. Most of my friends are busy with their own stuff. This is my weekend off work, so I don't even get to spend it with those crazy people! I am supposed to do something with Brian and Annie, but other than that, its just me, the baby and the couch! Its times like these that I really miss my hubby. We always do something extra special because our birthdays are only a day apart.
We did get some exciting news today, but I'm gonna refrain from sharing until we know for sure! Its shocking, but what in our life hasn't been lately!?!? Be sure to check in periodically so you don't miss the big news!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bring on the rain

You know the old saying "when it rains, it pours" ? That's how I feel right now. I feel like screaming. I think it would terrify my kids if I did, so for now, I'll blog. The last two days have been SO frustrating. I've gone back to work, and before I even get to my actual job, I think I may quit. That is not a good sign. I'm not going to get into the details. Its really all stuff that should be no big deal, but others are making it HUGE and I'm having to decide if I really want to be a part of all this again.
I'm not totally in love with Reese's daycare situation. And it goes far beyond the fact that I know no one will ever love and care for him the way I do. I would love to find someone who stays home and would like to keep him. Someone I know and trust. He's not being mistreated. They take really good care of him and he's happy everyday when I pick him up. But there are other factors that I'm not too excited about. Please pray that God will send me something to ease my mind either way - take him out or leave him in!
Cory's got some craziness going on. Shocking, I know! I know there's nothing I can do about but it doesn't keep me from getting frustrated by it all. Can't share too many details right now. Hopefully by next week, it will be over and done with. Some things, however, will NEVER change apparently.
The house situation is still the same. The "rentors" (that's so funny for me to say because who ever I thought that I would be a landlord, hahaha) are still waiting for their house to be done. Hopefully by mid Sept, it will done and we can move in. I'm so ready for the move to be over and to not be living out of bags and boxes.
If you know anyone who would be willing to keep little man 2 days one week and 3 the next, let me know. I only want him to go the days AFTER I work (I work nights). Say a prayer for my sanity and Cory's safety! Today is only Tuesday and I am already ready for this week to be behind me! But to quote one of my most favorite songs by Jo Dee Messina, "Tomorrow's another day; I'm thirsty anyway; So bring on the rain"!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, rainy Monday

So it rained today, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never been so happy to see the rain in my life. I've got a million things I want to say, and I feel like I need to say them all, but I can't come up with the right words. Does anybody out there understand? As soon as I get my brain in order, I'll be sure to post! I've got several birthday shout outs and exciting events going on! Hopefully soon I'll get rid of this ADD and be a little more productive!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another angel guarding our troops

We, the Blue Spaders, are once again mourning the loss of yet another soldier. As a wife, this is very disheartening as my heart aches for the family of the fallen. Please pray for this family, that they will not only find peace in such a difficult time, but they will see GOD in it all. I also ask that you remember the other soldiers... the number of losses they have endured so far has got to be devastating and discouraging. And while you're praying,would you please pray for the spouses left behind, that we may find the words of encouragement that our husbands need to hear in such a time and that we may find peace from worry. Thank you!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It was bound to happen, and today it did. I have always been VERY diligent about having my phone with me and handy so that if Cory called, I could answer. I sleep WITH my phone (not just on the night table beside me, but actually with it). Its always clipped to me or in my hand, no matter what I'm doing. And if by some chance, you see me and its not in my hand or on my hip, look at my ear - I have my blue tooth in! I've become quite obsessed with it, actually. I've only missed one call before today and that was when we were at the lake and he was able to leave the sweetest message for us! I knew I would probably miss that one.
But today, as I was heading to the car to go to lunch with Amy, my phone rang. It was down at the bottom of my purse and of course I could not get to it in time. I looked at the missed number and it wasn't a number I recognized. I breathed a sigh of relief. I checked my voicemail and my heart began to break. It was Cory. He was using a satellite phone and the message was broken. I sobbed. I haven't spoken with him in 5 days now, and the one chance I had, I couldn't get to my phone! Lesson learned: I've got to come up with some way to literally attach it to my hand, but still be able to use my hand! Either that, or glue my blue tooth to my ear. Anybody with any good ideas, I'll split the profit with you! Necessity breeds invention -isn't that what they say?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday tidbits

The girls started FIRST grade today. Unfortunately, I couldn't take them to school because I was S-I-C-K. Not just sick, but S-I-C-K. Luckily, though, Mom and John could take them and actually walk them in. I was feeling well enough to pick them up this afternoon. They were SO excited when they got in the car this afternoon. I don't think they took but two breaths the whole way home (between the two of them). They love their new school, new teachers and new friends. I know this year will be a great one for them.
Tomorrow will be Reese's first day at day care. I'm more than an little nervous. I plan on putting him there for a couple of hours tomm and Wed and then Fri he'll have to stay for most of the day (I have to have some tests run that will take several hours). I know he'll do well and it will be a welcomed break for both of us! I love my little man, but I think it will be beneficial to have this time apart. And when I go back to work, he'll be able to go so that I can sleep some! So although I am nervous, I know this is the best thing for us all!
I still haven't heard from Cory. Its fast approaching Day 4! It makes me sad and I would do just about anything to hear his voice! So, honey, if you're out there... CT PHONE HOME! I love you and I miss you!
So that's about it for now. Nothing too exciting! Just trying to keep busy! Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Just a poem

I am a small and precious child, my dad’s been sent to fight…
The only place I’ll see his face, is in my dreams at night.
He will be gone too many days for my young mind to keep track.
I may be sad, but I am proud.
My daddy’s got your back.

I am a caring mother; my son has gone to war…
My mind is filled with worries that I have never known before.
Everyday I try to keep my thoughts from turning black.
I may be scared, but I am proud.
My son has got your back.

I am a strong and loving wife, with a husband soon to go.
There are times I’m terrified, in a way most never know.
I bite my lip, and force a smile, as I watch my husband pack…
My heart may break, but I am proud.
My husband’s got your back…

I am a soldier…
Serving proudly, standing tall.
I fight for freedom, yours and mine, by answering this call.
I do my job while knowing, the thanks it sometimes lacks.
Say a prayer that I’ll come home.
It’s me who’s got your back.

*A tribute by Autumn Parker. For her husband and soldier. Til they all come home!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fallen Soldier

">" border="0" alt="" />

We, the Blue Spaders, are mourning the loss of a fellow soldier. Please pray for this family, for comfort in this time of loss. Also, please pray for our other soldiers who are having to deal with the loss of a brother in arms. Thanks you guys!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Frozen in time...

Tonight was "Meet the Teacher" for the girls! They are at a new school (not only new to them, but to everyone else going there too). They are in seperate classes this year, but I feel really good about it. Hailey's teacher (we'll call her SC) is someone we know from outside of school. I am SO excited that she is Hailey's teacher. Samantha's teacher (we'll call her M&M) has over 30 years experience in education! She seemed really nice too. The girls are excited to begin the year. And what more could I ask for than a beautiful school (full of teachers, parents and administrators that I know personally) a one time teacher of the year, and a teacher with more years' experience in education than I've been alive!
As I walked through the halls of the school, I saw so many people I knew and was shocked that their kids were in elementary school!!! I know it sounds strange, but I think in my mind I thought that when we went to Texas, that everyone would just stop growing. So the kids that were 3 and shy when I left should still be that way. But seeing them walking through the halls of the school with confidence and excitement kind of stunned me! And the thought that their siblings (some of them) were going into middle school or even high school took my breath away! I guess the world didn't get my memo.... NO ONE GROWS UNTIL I RETURN (so I don't miss anything). Either that, or my mind was just frozen in time!

Because I'm bored...

Directions: Place an X by all the things you've done and remove the X from the ones you have not. Answer the 30 questions at the end and tag 3 (or more) of your friends to play too!
(This is for your entire life.)
(x ) Gone on a blind date
(x) Skipped school
( x) Watched someone die
( ) Gone to Canada
( ) Gone to Mexico
(x) Gone on a plane
( ) Jumped out of a plane
(x) Been on a Helicopter -
(x) Gotten lost
(x)Gone on the opposite side of the country
(x) Gone to Washington, DC
(x) Swam in the ocean
(x) Cried your self to sleep
( ) Played cops and robbers
(x) Recently colored with crayons
(x) Sang Karaoke
(x)Paid for a meal with coins only
(x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
(x) Made prank phone calls
(x) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
(x) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
(x) Danced in the rain
(x) Written a letter to Santa Claus
(x) Gotten kissed under the mistletoe
(x) Watched the sunrise with someone you care about
(x) Blown bubbles
(x) Gone ice-skating
( ) Gone Skiing (water & snow) - I waterski, but I've never been snow sking.
(x) Gone skinny dipping outdoors
(x) Gone to the movies
( ) Gone to a drive-in movie
1. Any nickname? Squirt (by my brother), Chris, Baby, any sort of weird name Cory can come up with
2. Mother's name? Lita
3. Favorite drink? Sweet tea, and I have a new addiction to Crystal Light Lemonade
4. Tattoo? yep, 2
5. Body piercings? used to but I think they've all closed by now
6. How much do you love your job? Ask me next month!!!
7. Birthplace? Spartanburg, SC
8. Favorite vacation spot? Anywhere but the beach
9. Ever been to Africa ? no, but I'd love to
10. Ever eaten cookies for dinner? I'm sure at some point
11. Ever been on TV? in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, in the Rose Bowl Parade
12. Ever steal any traffic sign? no
13. Ever been in a car accident? A couple but NONE of them were my fault
14. Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4 door
15. Favorite salad dressing? ranch
16. Favorite pie? apple
17. Favorite number? anything even
18. Favorite movie? Probably Dirty Dancing is my all time favorite
19. Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving - I love to eat!! (and hopefully my hubby will be here by then!)
20. Favorite dessert? brownies, I guess
21. Favorite food? don't really have one
22. Favorite day of the week? any day I don't have to work! It alternates
23. What do you do to relax? what's that?
24. Favorite toothpaste? anything that doesn't burn my mouth
25. Favorite smell? clean laundry
26. What month were you born in? August (31st to be exact - write it down!)
27. Favorite Candle Scent? Mango
28. How do you see yourself in 10 years? Loving my husband and kids, doing something in the Medical field
29. What 3 people do you tag to do this meme? Tina, Annie, &anyone who hasn't done it!
30. Who will be the first to respond? we'll see

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So there I was, in Academy Sports...

crying!!! I find myself crying in the strangest places these days. Cory called this afternoon. I had given up on talking to him today. Chalked it up to business or blackout. So I was so excited to look at my phone and see CMT on the caller ID. He's doing good. He had a REALLY cool day today where he treated his first "official" patient. That's what Cory's there for so he LOVES to do his job. Its a running joke in EMS that we are the only profession that wishes really bad things on really good people (solely so we can do what we've trained to do). Anyway, back to the story.
Samantha was picking out something to wear to gymnastics (that's another post all together); she was so excited and talking a mile a minute. In the mean time, I'm trying to hold a conversation with my husband AND keep track of three kids. I was talking to Cory and the kids at the same time. Then the phone fell silent. "Babe, are you there?" I asked. "Yeah" he said. "Just listening" he added as his voice cracked a little. Tears began to fall. He is missing so much and I know its killing him (and us). He talked to both girls and gave them some encouraging words as they embark on new activities. I guess you kind of had to be there, but it was precious! He was happy just listening to the chaos of it all and I know he was wishing he was right there in the mix of it all!


Forgiveness has never been hard for me to give. As a matter of fact, I'd probably argue that I forgive way to easily most times. But there are some things that I have a hard time forgetting. God calls us to forgive AND forget. But when someone close to you has wronged you, it cuts deep. I'd like to say that I've forgotten some of the most hurtful things in my life, by obviously as I sit and write this, they are still in the back of my mind! Cory always picks at me by saying that I have the brain of an elephant, I can remember everything!! I don't necessarily think this is bad though. I think that as long as you do not harbor any bad feelings for the person who has wronged you or continue to bring it back up, its ok to remember - for future reference. Here's what I mean - when you were a kid and you touched a hot stove, it burned you; so now (hopefully) it is imbedded into your mind to not touch that hot stove... you still cook and use the stove, but you use it more cautiously now. Does that make sense? I think thats why I remember things, to prevent me from being hurt again like that (or by that person); because I remember the hurt that was caused and therefore I am more cautious.
I say all that to say that in the last month, I have tried to right the wrongs of my past (well, most of them). Apologize when needed and forgiven when needed (even if they didn't ask). It has been shocking to me to see the responses. I thought it would turn into a war of words with a few people, but suprisingly it has been a peaceful exchange! I can't even begin to explain how good it feels to let go of that resentment in my heart; leaving room for more LOVE!!! Now that I no longer have pieces of my heart filled with anger and dislike for those who have wronged me, I can give those pieces to a more deserving cause: loving my husband, kids, family and friends even more (who knew that was even possible?!?!)
My friend, Tina, posted a blog in the last couple of days about forgiveness too. She didn't even know what was going on in my little corner of the world, so it was just interesting to know that someone so close to me was thinking about the same thing! She posted some quotes about forgiveness in her blog. I liked them, so I stole them (HeHe - Love ya girl!)

"When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free."
- Catherine Ponder

"Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much." ..:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />
- Oscar Wilde

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you."
- Lewis B. Smedes

"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."
- Mahatma Gandhi

"You will know that forgiveness has begun when you recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well."
- Lewis B. Smedes

"When a deep injury is done us, we never recover until we forgive"
- Alan Paton

"We achieve inner health only through forgiveness - the forgiveness not only of others but also of ourselves"
- Joshua Loth Liebman

Monday, August 11, 2008

Month 1 = DONE

As of today, I have officially survived the first month of Cory's deployment. Its definitely been a wave of emotions that has left me feeling a bit "sea sick". I can only hope that things will begin to settle down from here. Cory is doing well. The "big move" has been delayed for a few more days due to weather and decreased security conditions. They are apparently getting hit pretty hard these days. We knew it would happen since the insurgents apparently "hibernate" in the winter - true story, its ridiculous! He's in good spirits and cannot wait to come home!!!
Reese is saying DaDa, but of course not when I'm on the phone with Cory. I want him to hear it so bad, but when I have the phone up to my ear (or his), he just wants to eat it! Still no teeth, but I think I see one about to bust through!
The girls will be starting 1st grade next week. We just found out who their teachers are - I am excited. I think Hailey will play Upward Soccer this year and Sam is wanting to do gymnastics. So they'll be busy as always.
I was supposed to start my job today (blah). But I will not begin until the 25th (YEAH). I've got to have some extra tests run since I've had some unexpected health concerns pop up. Keep those in your prayers!! So I'm just enjoying spending the last days of summer with my kiddos!
We had a great time at the Lake on Sat. Even though I was thrown off the jet ski (and when I say thrown, I mean it) and I'm still finding it hard to walk or lay on my right side, I'm glad I went. I only wish I could find my charger for the camera as well as my USB cable to upload some pics!! I'm sure they are in a box somewhere!
That about sums it up. Everything's still moving along, slowly but surely! Month 1=DONE!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moving on up

The last month has been filled with move after move for the Trotter clan. With me moving from Texas to Cory moving SEVERAL times in A-stan. I absolutely HATE to move. So this has been a bit more stressful than it probably should have been. The thought of having to pack and unpack boxes makes me want to scream.
Yesterday the moving company delivered our stuff. I've had to put it in storage for now since we are not moving into the house for another month. They called at 1:30 pm to tell me they were leaving Atlanta heading here. SIX HOURS later, they arrived - anyone who has been to Atlanta, how long does it take you to make it back to the Upstate? Anyway. As they unloaded my half of the eighteen wheeler (yes, I said half), all I could do was shake my head. I have numerous damaged boxes (water damage and crushed boxes) and I don't even want to think about what may be broken inside. So I guess I have to open up the boxes BEFORE I move to see what the damage is so that I can make a claim. What a nightmare!!!
Cory's moving again, too. Bless his heart. I'm not gonna give too many details due to OPSEC. I'll just say that this should be a definite move up. Better security, better place, better communication (hopefully no more 9 day stretches with no contact). He's so excited. So am I, duh!! Plus he gets to be with some of the people he knows the best! So just say a prayer for him as he's packing once again and will be heading out in the next day or so!
SO, again, if I've given you his address, please let me know so I can give you the NEW address.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another blogger's blog

All Army wives ( and those others who may be interested), go here and read a very interesting blog!!!

Indecribable peace...

I finally heard from Cory today! YEAH! He had just gotten back from the mountain about an hour before. He's doing well and I cried when I heard his voice (I think he may have cried a little too). I can't even begin to describe the peace I had the moment he said "Hey baby"! Thank you all for your prayers and uplifting words. They definitely helped to make the wave of emotions a lot easier to ride!
Dear Lord,
Thank you for keeping my soldier safe and for keeping me sane (although there were times I had to wonder if I was). Thank you also for giving me such wonderful friends and family. There's no doubt in my mind that they are all angels sent from You to help me as I travel this unknown path!

Heart stopper

The phone rings. Its a number that looks similar to the one Cory calls from. Its 10:42 am. Why is he calling in the middle of the night (for them)? I answer. The voice on the other side was a foreign voice. "Is this Mrs. Trotter?" they ask with a heavy accent. Could it be Hagi? My heart stops. "Yes, this is she." I reply with what little breath I have as I feel like I've just been punched in the gut. The phone begins to break it can't be. My heart begins to race. "I can't understand you, are you with my husband?" I beg. "No ma'am. This is (I didn't catch his name). I'm with the moving company." He says. "I just wanted to let you know I'll be delivering your household goods tomm sometime." I breathe a sigh of relief. Day 9, still no word!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Waiting (im)Patiently

Its day 8 and still no word from Cory. I would be lying if I said that I am not more than discouraged. I know he's ok, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to at least hear his voice; even if only for just a couple of minutes!! Last week was one of the biggest weeks of our lives together (buying a house) and it should have been one of the happiest, but it wasn't because Cory wasn't here to share it with me. So much has gone on since we last spoke. When we spoke on a consistant basis, I at least was satisfied with sharing over the phone. But now, nothing. Hopefully tomm will bring a call or an uplifting email. Heck, I'd even settle for a smoke signal at this point!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

If only...

I often find myself thinking of the women who were left behind while their husbands were fighting the early wars in American history. I've always thought how hard it must have been to have their soldier leave and have NO contact, except snail mail (once it came about) until they returned. In today's world, I think that all the technology that has been developed is both a blessing and a curse! I LOVE talking to my hubby when he calls and reading his emails and comments on MySpace. But then when I haven't heard from him in a week and there's bad news circulating, I can't help but think that its almost got to be easier knowing NOTHING than knowing only partial details. Honey, if you're out there - CT PHONE HOME!!!! If only I could hear your voice...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Its official

Cory and I are officially HOME OWNERS!!!!!!!!!!! We began our journey back in March and as of today, July 29, we are the proud recepients of a Mortgage!!!! We will not be moving in until Sept because the sellers are building a house and it will not be finished until mid Sept, so they are renting from us for a couple of months! Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement! I've felt like I was going to throw up since I got the paperwork yesterday, but now that its done and over with - I'm so excited. I wish Cory was here to celebrate with me, but he's up on a mountain somewhere making sure the valley is safe!!!
I need some decorating help?!?! Anybody know of any good sites to get some inspiration - expecially with the kids rooms!!!???

Monday, July 28, 2008

For my soldier...

Baby, some annonymous reader on my blog put this link on my comments. I know she's singing to her boyfriend, but close your eyes and picture me saying these words to you! I love you and I am so proud of you!
*To whoever this girl is, what a beautiful song! I'll be praying for you and your boyfriend! May God bless you both!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hidden blessings

So I've talked to Cory today and things seem to be much better!!! He's made it out to his COP safely and seems to be in relatively good spirits. He's found some hidden blessings in all the chaos. He's found a Bible in the aid station and has already begun to read some uplifting things!! I already feel a great deal of peace today, thank you for your uplifting words and prayers! Cory has a new address, so if I've given you his address, please let me know so I can give you the new one! Thank you, God, for never giving up on me although sometimes it may seem that I've given up on you! You are all knowing and everything works for your glory! I believe that in my heart, its just that sometimes my head gets in the way!!! I love you, Lord and I am forever grateful for the blessings you have given us, especially the hidden ones!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Calling all angels

Today is not a good day! Cory called this morning and he has FINALLY made it to his FOB. It has only taken 2 weeks and he and another guy are the LAST 2 to make it. I'm grateful that he has made it there safely, however the news that follows is upsetting to me. Let me give you a little background. Cory was promised in Texas that he would stay in the main aid station at his FOB with the PA (someone who was supposed to be a VERY good friend). The reasoning for this is that Cory is the ONLY Paramedic out of all the medics. He has more medical training than everyone except the PA. So he was to be the "trauma team leader" in the aid station. This was a position that Cory has fought to secure for over a year. We held on to the promises that we were given that Cory would be kept at the FOB and that's what has kept our spirits up until now. Cory was also put on a permanent profile for his feet (which are horrible) to secure his place in the main aid station. So, we thought that the Army would hold true to their word - what were we thinking?
Cory received word today that he will be sent out to a COP. (Here's the difference: FOB - forward operating base = LOTS of people, a good deal more secure, better medical equipment, more capability of providing more adquately medically; COP - combat outpost= one company, about 70 people, only secured by the company staying there, not a lot of medical equipment, a good deal away from the FOB, and oh yeah, a COP was what was ambushed a couple of weeks ago where they lost 9 soldiers). Because Cory was the last to get there (not his fault) he got the short end of the stick. Not to mention that the NCO's (non commisioned officers) are safe and sound in the aid station - heaven forbid they get out and get dirty. When Cory asked why all the sudden the promises made were not being kept, he was told that there was nothing they could do. THAT is a lie. I feel totally betrayed, once again by the US Army and those who have been given the power to be in charge. Cory's NCO's are the most selfish people I have EVER known. As long as they are safe and sound, that's all they care about! That is not a leader to me.
Cory is also being sent out with a guy that has just been promoted to E5, and not based on merit, purely based on the color of his skin!*This is not just my opinion, its a well known fact in this platoon* How's that for affirmative action?!?! Cory should have been promoted WAY before now, but because his platoon had to meet their "quota" he's been pushed back. I am so sick of the Army's lies and "false promises". And the worst part, I'm not even able to hold my husband as these tears of anger, frustration and fear are running down my face. I know God has a plan for him and a good reason for doing this, and I try to be positive when I'm on the phone with him. But I am dying inside. My anxiety level just shot through the roof and I feel like I'm gonna throw up all the time. Cory feels like God has forgotten him and is not hearing his prayers. I know this is not true, but what do I say to help him? This is by far the worst mistake of our lives, joining the Active Duty. A mistake that when we all come through this alive, I will spend the rest of my life telling people why they should NOT go active in the Army.
I'm sorry this is so long, but I feel like screaming... oh wait, I've already done that. My hands are tied. There's nothing I can do except sit and wait and pray- pray that I never receive the "visitors", pray for Cory's safety, pray for my sanity, pray for peace for both of us, just pray. I beg all of you to pray with me and for me. This is harder than I've ever could have imagined! This is a true test of our faith and sometimes I feel like I'm failing miserably.
* Correction: Thanks to my good friend Tina, there has been some light shed on the battle of July 13. Go here if you want to know the real truth... Thanks Tina for letting me know about this! It helps alot!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Almost perfect

We're in Charleston. We came down for the weekend to visit Brian and Annie and Hannah. We've had such a great time and it has really allowed me to get away and stay busy. We went to Waterfront Park on Saturday. I was able to run into a local candy store to get Cory some of his most favorite candy for the care package I'm getting together (but shhhhh, its a surprise!!!) - thanks Annie! We then sat and ate some watermelon - boy does Reese love watermelon! I cried a little standing on the pier, because it was perfect - well almost perfect!
Sunday we went to church; and might I add, if you are ever in the North Charleston area and are looking for a church, I recommend Riverbluff!! It was great! Great music, great sermon, welcoming people, laid back enviornment, "come as you are" dresscode. and the best part - they have a CRY ROOM! I sat in there with Reese and its sound proof, so Reese making noise wasn't a bother, but they feed the sound into the room, so I didn't miss any of the service. I wish there was a "Riverbluff"' in the Upstate! I'm searching for that kind of enviornment for our family! Then we headed out to the Beach! For everyone who doesn't know my feelings about the beach, I have a major dislike for the beach. I have only been with the girls to the beach twice (including this time). Its hot, crowded, sandy and when you get out of the ocean, you are sticky and dirty!! I leave the beach and have to take a shower! But the kids had a good time. Reese loved the water rushing over his feet. It wasn't overly hot, not too terribly crowded. Almost perfect (as perfect as the beach can get)!!
Today we headed over to the water park - now we're talking!! The forecast was that it was going to be the hottest day of the summer. But it wasn't. It was pleasantly overcast. Reese LOVES the water, so he was in good spirits all day. The girls are just tall enough to do EVERYTHING there and we did. They had such a good time. Best part - today was Military Monday, so we got in for 1/2 price!!! Thank you US ARMY. I felt a little bad though because we got in because my hubby is suffering in Astan! Tonight we're having Annie's four cheese lasagna - YUM!!!
This weekend has been almost perfect - perfect family, perfect food, perfect weather, perfect activities, perfect attitudes (for the most part), perfect get away. The only thing missing - my soldier! We missed you Honey!!!
*I'll be posting pics once I make it back to the Upstate! Be sure to stop back by and check them out!