Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Christmas is over. I survived! I hope that everyone is Blogville had a wonderful Christmas and spent it with the ones you love most, but most importantly you remembered the REAL reason for the season. I hope to upload some pictures soon of all our festivities. Here's a quick list of what's been going on in our little corner of the world...
1- is for the number of teeth Reese now has! YEAH!!!!!!! It is also for the number of Hamsters I have in my house at this time.
2- is for the number of years Cory and I have been married (as of Dec. 26). Happy anniversary, honey!
3- is for the number of diamonds in my Christmas/anniversary present from my husband (who actually searched and found it online and had it shipped to me). It is also for the number of stories in Hailey's new doll house!
4-is for the number of hours I've been averaging of sleep lately. I am having a REALLY hard time staying asleep and its starting to wear me down a great deal.
5- is for the number of months I've survived this deployment! Woo hoo!!!
6-is for the number of days I worked last week (that's out of 7, might I remind you).
7- is for the number of times I've been to the Pediatrician this month! Now all three of my kids have had Pneumonitis!
8- is for the number of hours Cory is now required to work at this time. He was on 12's but they have just got another guy to help out. Cory's still having a really hard time, so please keep him in ur prayers. Hopefully cutting back his hours will help some!
9- is the number of times I "lurked" on blogs last week. I can't log on at work as of yet, but I get on and check them - that's why I haven't left messages!
10- is the for the number of days the girls have been out of school! We are ALL ready to start back - especially me!
11- is for the months Reese has been on this earth (outside my belly, that is). I can't believe his first birthday is less than a month away!
12- is for the number of hours it will probably take me to get my house back in order from the chaos of the holidays!

So there you have it! Just a little update! I can't wait to see all the pics from your Holidays, so hurry up and post em, would ya!?!?!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Going through the motions

Its Christmas Eve. Wow!! I honestly can't believe its already here. I haven't blogged much over the last week. The reason is simple - I am having a really hard time. This week has been a million times more difficult to take than I ever expected. With Christmas and our anniversary (Friday), I am flooded with emotions. I am trying to be "Merry" but I find myself just going through the motions.
I hope you guys have a WONDERFUL Christmas! Please spend it with the ones you love most and try not to get caught up in the "hustle and bustle". Jesus is the reason for the season! I have really tried to focus on that this year. We love you guys! Merry Christmas and God Bless and keep you safe - wherever you are!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spoke too soon

So I spoke too soon... I knew after posting the previous blog, I would live to regret it. Friday, I had to take Hailey BACK to the Dr. I had picked her up from school and she was complaining of her ear hurting a little. While I was in Reese's daycare picking him up, Hailey hit her head inside the car. She was screaming that her ear hurt really bad. It has to be said that Sam and Hailey have had ear infections since they were 4 mths old, and never complain of pain. I only knew they had one (an infection that is) after going to the Dr with some other symptom. So for her to cry, I knew it had to be bad.
So I took her back to the Dr. She has an ear infection - duh. But something more troubling than that, she STILL has some sort of resp funk. We've decided that if she still has stuff going on in two weeks, she will have to have an xray and possibly some other tests run. She's on yet another round of antibiotics. She says she's feeling better, but I'm not sure if its because she is afraid what "other tests" entales. So please say a prayer for her. She's been a trooper, but I know she's tired of being sick (just like me).
On that note. With all of us being so sick for so long, I started thinking and talking to some people about it all. And after my best friend mentioned that the sickness began shortly after moving into our house, I began to think about it and they do correlate. So, my mission this week, track down an HVAC guy to come and check out my air ducts (or vents, I don't know the difference) and see if there's anything that I should be concerned about. If that's not it, I've considered ripping up all the carpet in my house and putting in hard woods. If there's anyone out there who could offer ANY direction, be it a name of a good HVAC guy or the name of a good flooring company or maybe another direction I need to be considering, I would greatly appreciate it! I don't know what the answer is, but I do hope to find it soon. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm back....

...from the land of the living dead, that is. I have finally recovered (almost completely) from the "plague" that has haunted me for the last 2 mths. I know I'm being a bit dramatic, but I have felt miserable for far too long. I think we're all on the other side of the sickness and hopefully there will be no more (yeah right, but can't a girl dream?!?!)
Here's a quick update on the "goings on" at the Trotters...
*Reese has FINALLY mastered crawling. He's pulling up and will stand on his own for a few seconds... and you know what that means!! He started a new daycare this week and he LOVES it. He's smiling when I leave and smiling when I get there to pick him up - what more could I ask for? They love him - but what's not to love?!?! He still has NO teeth. This bothers me. Have any of you known an almost 11 mth old with NO teeth? He's learning new words everyday and is so full of personality.
*Samantha was Terrific kid last month at school. She's loving school and doing Upward cheerleading this winter. She loves it! She has asked Santa for a hamster. Although Santa initially refused to let another breathing, eating, pooping creature in our house, he has found a soft spot in his heart and will be delivering said creature Christmas Eve. It will be interesting to see how that's carried on the sleigh. (Shhh, its a secret!!)
*Hailey is Terrific kid this month at school. She's also loving school and also doing Upward cheerleading this winter. She asked for a "Barbie Doll House". So Santa has made her a 3 story house. Its huge and he has put ME in charge of putting all the pieces together - WooHoo! (Shhh, its a secret, too!!)
*Cory is doing as good as to be expected. Its the holidays, and he's having a hard time. But he's hanging in there. Just keep him in your prayers, the next month is going to be tough. Any cards you could send to him would be greatly appreciated...let me know if you are interested.
*I am good. I have my days. The holidays are hitting me harder than I had expected. I'm trying not to be a complete scrooge, but its just not the same without him. I still love my job, although the last few shifts have been trying. I look forward to 2009 because it means this rollercoaster will be half over!
So that's it for now. Nothing overly exciting going on in our house. I hope you all are enjoying your Holiday Season! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A tribute to my heroes

Christmas Tribute to the Military
Author - Pam Cartwright
Christmas in the Great Lakes states is probably much like Christmas in other areas of the U.S. We don't have enough time or money to do everything we wish we could. We eat too much, spend too much, sleep too little and exercise only by walking into or out of the mall. Our intentions are good.
We buy special gifts for everyone we can think of. We make huge efforts to get just the right gifts..Uncle Frank is so hard to buy for. Did I get that scarf for him?Sue really loves tea. Will she like the tea set I bought her?I have a doctor's appointment on Monday. Should I get something for the nurse at Dr. Johnson's office?
But, sometimes a gift has nothing to do with buying. It's a kind word or a lift to the grocery or a phone call to a far-away friend.
The other day as I was walking into our local supercenter I saw a person dressed in military clothing. You know the kind of outfit I'm talking about. We got used to it with Desert Storm – that desert fighting apparel.
I was in awe, as I always am, when face-to-face with someone in the military. The person noticed me staring and shouted hello, so I returned the greeting. It got me to thinking about Christmas in the military.
Today, I wrote this poem to thank the men and women who keep our country safe. If you know someone in the service and would like to, please pass it along to them. I would be honored if you share this gift.
You are in my thoughts and prayers today as Christmas Eve draws near
I praise you for your sacrifice to protect what we hold dear
Your thoughts here at Christmastime, I hope are filled with trust
That you will soon be home again where you belong - with us
Each time I see a person clothed in military dress
I silently pray that they return whole and without stress
I give them my biggest smile and hope they understand
That I am thanking them right there in the only way I can
I do not know the harms you face, my information lacks
The knowledge of the place you go when you get summoned back
I share your love of country even if I do not go
You honor me by serving when you may not wish it so
As you read this ode to faith and hope and trust and love, I pray
That it will bring you peace and strength to make it through the day
Remember why we celebrate, remember that we care
Even in the midst of night when no one else is there
As you stand your vigils in the dark and your thoughts wander far
And your greatest wish - to be home - is wished upon a star
Please take my tribute to you and keep it in your heart
I only say what many feel while we are far apart
I hope the loneliness you have is one that you believe
Will make the world a better place each future Christmas Eve
Thank you.

*This tribute was written by the mother of a woman who I am blessed to call my friend. Tina is also an Army wife and a woman who's strength I draw from more than she'll ever know. Please remember our soldiers this Holiday season as we are apart. Merry Christmas and May God be with you all this busy season!

Monday, December 1, 2008

New week, fresh start

I know last week I was MIA, and for that I apologize. I know that while I do not have a large, loyal fanbase, the ones of you who do care have missed me!!! Last week was HORRIBLE, beyond horrible. Here's a breakdown of the last 7 days of my life...
Monday (last monday, that is) - I had the stomach bug. Why do they call it a bug? Bugs are little creatures you can crush and move on. There was nothing little or crushable(is that a word) about this sickness. I honestly prayed that the Lord take my life more than once. I stayed home from work and almost OD on Phenergan and sleeping pills, so I could "sleep it off".
Tuesday - Hailey was asked by her teacher how I was feeling, her response "She can at least stand up without puking". Progress had been made! Still unable to eat, I went to work, feeling reasonable. While at work, I had to be given 250cc bolus of fluids for dehydration and then the REAL pain started.
Wednesday - By the time I got off work, I was unable to stand and walk. My abdomen was KILLING me. I had seen one of the ER doc's who had determined I had Appendicitis and gave me a shot of pain killers. I decided Wed afternoon to go and see my GI doctor, who backed the decision to not do surgery til after the new year - believe it or not, the state my body is in now, I would be better off having my appendix rupture than what would come with the surgery (it complicated, but my reality). So its anti-inflamatories and antibiotics until 09!!
Thursday - still unable to keep anything down, I went to Anderson for lunch with the in laws. I managed to set a few things straight and anger people who weren't even at lunch - that takes skill! Lets just say, those of you out there who think you have nightmarish In laws, call me - you have NO clue!!! My night ended with dinner at my bestest friend's house. It was great food (that actually stayed down - well most of it), great family and great fun!! Despite the drama of the rest of the day.
Friday - Brian and Annie came up to do Thanksgiving. Its always so good to sit and spend quality time with them - just us. I only wish we lived closer and could do it more often. I think Hannah may be finally warming up to me - unfortunately we don't have the close bond I had hoped, but I hope she knows I love her and even though she lives far away, she's still my favorite 3 yr old!!! That night I headed back to work to begin three of the worst nights I have ever had at my job.
Saturday - I had to hold over 4 hours at work holding a crazy man's pants - true story! Came home, slept and went back to work. Again, I LOVE my job and I wanted to quit this night more than once.
Sunday - sleep, and back for night # 3. Luckily, they say bad luck comes in 3's - I've had my 3 so now I'm waiting for my stroke of goodness.
So that's just a quick recap. I'm glad its a new week and I have been given a fresh start. Hopefully this week will be much better and will not be near as drama filled! Hailey had to go to the Dr today - she has a sinus infection and a upper resp infection. And so it continues... sick kids, tired mommy. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!! And I hope you have an even better week. I would like to promise that I will do better with blogging, but I make no promises. I will, however try! Thanks for sticking it out with me!