Saturday, October 30, 2010

Come, Follow me!!!

Hey guys! Just wanted you to know that I have started a new blog to go with the new chapter in my life... Click here to join the journey!!! Thank you all for your love an support during the last roller coaster ride! I pray you will join me as God writes the next chapter and fills it with many BLENDED BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tickets, Toddlers and Tumors

Its been a busy month. Complete with Mother's day, Father's day, vacation, school ending, summer camp beginning, and the title of this post....I'll spare the details of the first few things on the list - I'll just say that I have the greatest family and friends ever!!!! My kids are truly blessed. Now, onto the juice of this post.....
I have gotten 2 (YES TWO) speeding tickets in the last month. I've always had a lead foot. I know its wrong. But I drive an ambulance for a living for pete's sake! I am used to driving really fast in a diesel truck and people getting out of my way. I drive through red lights (always with due regard) and break speeding limits daily! I've paid one, but will be fighting the other. The circumstances surrounding the other are questionable. I'll keep you posted! Buckle up for safety!
We have begun the arduous task of potty training Reese. My goal is for him to be dry during the day by the end of July... wish me luck! Any pointers are greatly appreciated!
And lastly, I took Hailey to the Dr on June 17th for a perpetual cough. We couldn't get rid of it even after all my old tricks. The Dr gave her the once over and gave her the diagnosis of sinus infection. She looked in her ears and noticed something strange. Initially we thought it may be an infected pimple on the inside of her ear canal. The Dr gave us some antibiotics and told us to come back if things changed for the worse. By Monday, this "thing" had grown so much that it was coming out of her ear canal, completely blocking the opening. Truthfully, it looked like a jelly bean sitting in her ear. I took her back to the Dr (after getting my second speeding ticket for the month) Monday afternoon. The Dr took one look at it and decided this was beyond her scope of expertise and called the ENT. He could see us in 15 min, so we hurried (within the speed limit) over there. He took about 2 min looking at it and said it would have to be surgically removed. He called it a "tumor" - I do NOT like this word. So the next 48 hours were filled with phone calls, preop paperwork, nerves and tears. Wed, June 23, my baby girl was taken back to surgery at 1215. Approximately 45 min later, the ENT came out and told me that he thinks he got it all but we'd have to come to the office next week for the results of the biopsy. So tomm, hopefully, we'll have some answers. Hailey has done well. She was in a good bit of pain the first few days, and her ear bled a lot, but she's no worse for the wear now. She's waiting on the ok from the ENT to get back in the water...we're supposed to go to the lake next week. I am finally starting to breathe a little better. It was a scary few days.
I just want to say that I have the most amazing family and friends. They have always surrounded me when I need them most and even when I don't know I need them. I am truly blessed! So there it is, my monthly update. Some craziness, but mostly just mommy stuff, work and life....boring - just the way I like it!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Is anybody there?

Hello Blog world! If my existence was determined by the number of blog posts I've made, I know I would be considered MIA or DEAD..... However, have no fear! I am alive and well. There has been a lot that has happened over the last 6 months (seeing as though I posted last Nov 22) and I'm excited to tell you there are more changes to come. Here's a quick me, there will more than likely be individual blog posts on each of the events listed - all to be posted in due time.
*I am buying our house and its a nightmare! Cory and I decided that I would keep the house since we bought it with the kids in mind. However, I have to take it out of Cory's name and put it into I have to buy it! Let me tell you, it SUCKS! I'm doing all this stuff, making all these phone calls and I won't even get the joy of "moving" into my new home (ie picking out paint colors, new bedding, matching bath sets, etc). However - I love that my kids are settled and I will be the proud owner of my own home soon!
*I am still working. And by working, I mean WORKING. I am now a single mom (not just geographically anymore, I will legally be a statistic again soon), and I still work as a Paramedic in our County's EMS system. But on top of that, you can also find me working with our hospital's Transportation service as a Paramedic or with our local Rescue squad as a Paramedic or in the ER as a Communication's associate (my old job), or around town doing my Guardian Ad Litem thing or selling Thirty One products! If you lost count, thats 6 jobs that currently pay our bills! Keep in mind, the only "full time" jobs I have are Mom and Paramedic - the rest are just PRN positions that I hold and work when I can. I like to have as many different options as I can so that I don't get bored with one place or group of people.
*The kids are adjusting well. We have our good days and bad days, of course. But overall, they have been resilient. Samantha will be wrapping up her dance year in the next few weeks and will begin guitar lessons this summer (she got a PINK guitar for Christmas). Hailey has enjoyed the season off from soccer, but is ready for the fall. She will be taking piano lessons this summer. Both girls are going to a summer camp this weekend and have been accepted into a 1 week gifted summer enrichment program through Converse college. Reese is heading full speed ahead into potty training. So far, it has been good. He's having to make some adjustments since he's with Daddy, Granny and Pop every other weekend. We're all making the best of it and so far, it hasn't been too traumatic. We're on the go all the time, but wouldn't change it for the world!
*I think I'm gonna start a new blog. I think its fitting for this time in my life to close this chapter and create a new. I will keep this one up for a while longer because its linked to a local news station. However, there will be a link to the new blog as well. Hopefully you guys haven't given up on me! I have been keeping up with most of you, even if I haven't commented!

So look for more to come! There's plenty more I could type about, but I don't want to make my "first blog back" too lengthy. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Please feel free to leave me a message to let me know you're still here!