Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting back on the horse...maybe

I am still alive, for those who were wondering. Its been almost 2 months since I've posted last...the reason for that is simple - my life is CRAZY!!! Since my last post, we've had a lot going on.... here's my feable attempt to catch you up: (hopefully I'll add pics sometime before the turn of the decade...)
*We celebrated the girls 8th birthday with one heck of a party!!! Filled with creepy critters, custom cakes and some of our most favorite people on the planet!!!
*The Daddy of our house made his way home.... FINALLY!!!!!!!!
*The Fall soccer season ended and a week later we started winter training...its never ending!!!
*Sam is still doing dance and has decided to add Upward cheerleading to her schedule (as if we didn't have enough to do!!)
*Reese is into EVERYTHING and occasionally gets stuck... case in point- he thought it would be fun to "play" in his bath seat (you know the one you put baby's in that encircles them so they dont slump over and drown in the tub)..... well..... he's grown a little, ok A LOT since the last time he was in that thing and he got stuck. Not "stuck" like threatening a limb stuck, but I was unable to manipulate his chubby little legs out of it. So, I (along with my BFF) spent some time one Sunday morning extricating him with a hack saw and some Dawn dish detergent. I love making memories!!
*Cory is officially done with active duty its back to the Reserves.
*The girls carried the Army flag at the Veteran's Day program.
* We've already celebrated Thanksgiving with my family because my parents and girls will be going to the beach on Thanksgiving to meet with my brother, SIL and adorable niece and we will be going to Anderson to visit Cory's family.
*Our old post - Fort Hood was struck by tragedy.
*While all of our closest friends survived this attack, we lost another dear friend only a few short weeks later...
*I'm carrying 3 cases right now with my GAL stuff.
*I am working like crazy.
*We've lost some animals (2 of these, 1 of these, and 1 of these)
*But we've gained one too.

So as you can tell, we've been busy! With kids and pets and work and extra cirricular activities, my life is jam packed!!!!!!! I hope you are all doing well! I am trying to keep up with your blogs, though I may not ever comment! Wishing you a safe and Happy Holidays!! Hopefully I'll be back before the turn of the decade, but if not - have a safe and happy one of those too!! LOL!