Friday, March 13, 2009

Our first "battle wound"

As if our week wasn't crazy enough with Reese's surgery, we found out Wednesday that he broke his left leg. We think he fell on it wrong at some point. He has broken his left fibula (the small bone in the lower leg). He has been a real trooper - he has faced the Dr offices (as there have been several) with courage and bravery that even a hardened veteran would be proud of.
Below you will find a picture of him from Thursday. He is all smiles. However, his cast is now green because his Orange one was sliding off, so we had to have it cut off and a new one made. He did not cry AT ALL having it cut off and put back on! Daddy, you should be proud!
Please pray for him as he has several weeks that he has to wear this cast! Pray for me as I try to catch on some much needed rest that I was deprived during this CRAZY week and pray for my nerves - I don't think I can take much more before Cory gets home! Also, if this is any indication of what is to come in our lives with this little boy - pray for patience and GOOD DOCTORS!!!

Here is a picture of Reese just before his surgery on Monday! He was such a big boy and didn't even cry when they took him back! Isn't he cute in his hospital gown?!?


Anonymous said...

I am proud of my little guy. It seems that every day even though I'm not there he teaches me a lesson in courage. Every time I look at him it's like I'm looking into a time portal and looking at myself that young.

He's my little trooper. I will be pinning my bronze star on him when I get back, he deserves it more than I do.

I love you big guy!