Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Surgery,Sickness,Stolen Goods

Reese had surgery on Monday to put tubes in his ears and take out his adenoids (which were growing stuff ON them - YUCK). He did really well with surgery and has done well so far with recovery. He hates to have the drops put in his ears, but I think that's mostly because I have to hold him down and he is definitely a "free spirit" and hates to be "bound by anything". Anyway. Thank you for your prayers!
My mom called me Sunday night at work and told me that Samantha was sick. She is notorius for throwing up in the bed (usually while her sister is sleeping). She came out of the room and told Pappie that she threw up a little in his bed - boy was that an understatement! Pappie said it was massive! My personal opinion is that she ate too much Pineapple. I'm not exactly sure of the amount, but if I know my girl (which I know I do), she probably ate until she was about to pop - or throw up in this case! Thank God it wasn't the "bug" again!
In more distressing news - I've had TWO magnets stolen off my car in the last month! The first was a magnet from the girls school and the other was a yellow ribbon that read "Keep My Husband Safe". What a shame! People never cease to amaze me! If the people who have done this injustice happen to come across my blog, I hope you enjoy them and I hope you lay awake at night ridden with guilt! (I'm being dramatic again, but it is aggravating).
Its Tuesday! Yay! Almost half way through another week! Can I get a WooHoo for warm weather!?!?!
PS If you haven't already, scroll down to the bottom of my blog and click on "Through my soldier's eyes". That's my hubby and he's been blogging away!


Anonymous said...

Were the magnets stolen while the car was at the house??

I would tape fishing line to the magnet and tie it to one of those cheap 'burglar alarm' things and secure it to the axle at night. when they take it the alarm would go off. Of course I would also rig said magnet with acid.

Can't wait to get a frontyard german shepherd and train it to aggressive mode. As much as ppl tend to P*ss me off I would get a doggone wolf and put it in the front yard too. And rig our driveway with claymores when we go to bed :-)

Yes I am starting to blog more than you. BOOYA

Print up a sign on the computer that says "Puke Here" and put it on a trashcan in their room. For the life of me I have always been ??? at the vomitus in-thebedditus phenomenon.

I love you!! ME

Teresa said...

Magnet theft makes me sad especially when they have a great cause :( I want a small window decal because of this very reason.

I hope you have a great day! :)

Tina said...

Someone also took my yellow ribbon off of my truck at the mall around Christmas. I bet there's a whole conspiracy where they steal them off of our cars, and then sell them back to us at Wal-Mart!!! LOL I love ya girl, and can't wait to see you Texas. OMG SOON!!!!!!