Thursday, April 23, 2009


Having our 2 fat, lazy dogs groomed - $120
New cage for our Houdini Hamster - $40
Gas to Petco - $0 (Thanks to the Dealership filling up my gas tank in my NEW car)
Knowing the dogs will soon become "real members" of the family b/c they will be inside; Knowing Houdini Hamster may be less likely to escape his habitat (at least slowed in the process); Seeing the look on Reese's face as he watched the different animals and hearing him say "pish"(just as my brother did as a baby) and "bird" - PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't blog much about our dogs, but we have 2 - a Golden Retriever, Gus (who weighs a whopping 120+ lbs) and a Lab mix, Mollie (who is quite the Diva). They have always been inside dogs, but when we moved into our new house I put them out back because I didn't want them to ruin our carpet (I wasn't sure when I'd be able to get the floors put in). But now that we've got our floors in, I am more inclined to let them in. I still don't know if it will be a permanent thing because I really don't want our house smelling like dogs, but at least that option will now be available. Either way, they are in some serious need of grooming (Gus needs a shave and Mollie needs a good bath). I know Cory is not a big fan of Mollie going to the groomer, but I don't have time to wrestle with her to give her a bath. Honey, she will be fine - when you get home, you can fight with her!
Also, if you are new to our blog, we have a Houdini Hamster. His name is Bugsy and he's a gift from Santa (he must be, because no parent in their right mind would buy such a creature - EVER). He escapes at least 2 times a week - no matter what cage he's in or how much food is in there. The last time he escaped, he was out for several days and one day we went to check the cage and he had let himself back in - true story. I didn't put him back, Samantha hadn't been home to put him back and Hailey hates him & would never touch him to put him back. So we found a cage today that gives me hope that his days of escaping may be over.... MAYBE. I'll keep you posted!

In deployment news, looks like Cory is going to be delayed coming home one more month. This is disheartening but we are trying to look at the silver lining. I will have more time to complete my "list" and that will be one more month of tax free pay! He should be promoted within the next few weeks. He has good days and bad days - luckily the good are far outweighing the bad these days. Not much longer and we can move forward to the next phase of our life!!
So that's it. We're sailing along, sometimes the ride is peaceful and serene and other times we're riding the waves of the high seas. Check back for pictures of all the changes that have been going on around our house!


Teresa said...

Aww I love the priceless.

One more month isnt as bad as it could be right :) Keep your head up and I hope he gets his promotion soon!