Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I declare WAR

Cory has been gone for almost 8 mths now. He's lived in the trenches. Treated our Nations finest for ailments ranging from the common cold to wounds received in combat. Treated locals with compassion and humanity. Not showered for days at a time. Slept in caves. Ate more MRE's than he'd like to think about. Shot at the enemy (quite possibly killing them - I don't care to know those details). Arranged for a dozen medevacs and shared his medical knowledge with countless individuals. He, along with all our other soldiers (both living and not) are the TRUE heroes of this war. They are fighting a war, that I fear has many more battles to come and may not be over anytime soon. However, while my husband is "waging a war on terror", I am fighting a war of my own...
The enemy is not easily swayed and stands firm on his position. While to some, he may seem small and harmless. He has almost brought me to my knees countless times. He, like most enemies is very tactful and seems to know how to "hit me when I'm down". His mission is clear. And for him, defeat does not seem an option.
I am waging a war on bedtime terror and picky eating! Reese has decided that bedtime is not what it once was - a time to cuddle with Mommy (or Grammie when I'm at work), have a bottle and listen to soft lullabies as he drifts off to sleep holding his "beloved" blankie. He fears he will miss something if he succumbs to the ploys of the "sand man". Therefore, bed time has become a battle worthy of the history books - right there with Normandy, Baghdad, Pearl Harbor, etc (ok, I'm being extremely over dramatic with that, but you get the point - its a battle!) The last two nights have been exceptionally bad!
At one time, I looked forward to bedtime! Not only because it meant that my bedtime was near, but because it meant that my little boy, who seems to be becoming more and more independent as each day passes, would actually cuddle with me and let me stroke his head and hold his hand. Now, I dread the battle of wills that is sure to ensue.
I know that some may feel that by now, I should of had him "soothing himself" to sleep in the bed. And if that's what you've chosen to do now or in the past, thats awesome. However, I haven't felt comfortable with that yet. I didn't do it with the girls and when they were "ready" they did it on their own. Reese will only be little for so long and I plan on taking full advantage of every minute. On that note, I am realizing that it may be nearing "that" time - as he is wearing me (and my mom) out fighting.
Do any of you have any helpful tips to make the transition go a little smoother? I am definitely open to suggestions. Reese is a VERY stubborn child (he is definitely his parents child). I've tried a couple times to lay him down and leave. After 30 min of screaming that could quite possibly peel the paint of the walls, I went and got him. He'll do just about anything you ask, but on "his terms" (don't know where he gets that from). Somethings got to give - for my and Grammie's sake! Any advice is definitely appreciated!
I often joke and say that 1 Reese is 10 times harder to raise than the girls are together. This is just one of the areas. Reese has decided that at the ripe ole age of 1, he is going to be a Vegen (minus the veggies). He only eats fruit and bread! No meat, no veggies. I buy only fresh fruit so he's at least getting the healthy stuff without the syrup and I have gone so far as to allow him only V8 Fusion and Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise (both have a single serving of veggies in a serving of juice - that taste like fruit juice) just so that Reese is getting some sort of veggie intake. He ate all the Veggie Baby food (minus peas) really well, but now will not even touch those! Ugh! Any advice on that front is desperately needed! Is this something I should stress about?
So while my husband is valiantly serving in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, I am battling the will of a stubborn 1 year old! A war I need no medals or commondations for (not that I'd get them), just change! I realize there will be many battles - some lost, but most won (as I am where he gets most of his stubborness from, therefore my will is stronger). And this battlefield shall be conquered, so HELP ME GOD! And then its on to the next. I will not let a 26lb, brown eyed, crazy haired, two toothed, fruit loving, veggie hating, little boy (who looks more like his Daddy everyday, sigh) defeat me!


Hillcrest Cottage said...

I am a voice coming from cyberspace, and you have no idea who I am (hope this doesn't creep you out) my blog and you can discover a bit about me.
I found your blog because I have a West Point Cadet '12 son. Reading about life as an Army wife got my attention. One day my son may have a wife waiting for him...who knows. I can learn from you in this area.
The flip side: I have the experience of raising 3 boys. To be honest, not enough space here to say all I would like to say to encourage you in your current struggles. But my heart goes out to you. You'll get through them but right now they are very real and pressing!
You sound like a very strong woman which is the first quality needed in raising a son...very different from girls.
Most brief advice: Look at that one year old and picture him at 14 when he equals you in height. Take care of problems now...or then? I often went through this exercise using the mental picture to fuel my determination to do whatever mom- work was required.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you crack me up!!
This is probably bad advice, but it is true!
Tripp did the same thing when it was time to start "real" food. He only ate dairy, bread and fruits. Well, he is 6 years old and he STILL only eats dairy, bread and fruits. NO veggies, No meat. His favorites are yogurt, grilled cheese and pizza. He is a healthy growing boy. It is a pain to feed him, but the dr tells me every time not to worry.
So, I say keep trying to feed him new things. Keep introducing it. But if it doesn't work, don't fret it.
And, about bedtime...crying it out is TERRIBLE BUT it works. We did it with Tripp. Took a few night, but was worth it in the end.
Praise Jesus, Baby Will is MUCH easier. He eats everything and falls asleep on his own.
Sorry that was so long!!!
Love the girls for me!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck

I have no clue what to do. Kid's too smart for masking foods in a different food he probably might like. little saboteur.

Well on the bright side you got til the end of may to figure this out!

Remember the Movie Rocky. I think it was part 3 with the russian as the bad guy. He said in the movie, "I must break you." Think that to yourself and even say it in a nice russian tone. You'll feel better. He is my son, stubborn as a bull, but I like veggies. Maybe it's the brand. take him to Wade's. Even the rain man would like wade's. I dunno.

I love you,

The Dales said...

I have let Perrin cry over an hour and it almost made me crazy and want to hit the wall with my head but it worked. He has been going to sleep on his own since about 8 months and its great! If I want to rock him, I can and if I need to just put him down, I can. Try it, it should only take a few nights and you will LOVE it!