Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hodge Podge

I don't really have anything to say tonight, so I thought I might just do a hodge podge update of the last few days:
*After my burnt chicken and rotten potatoes fiasco, I gave it another shot last night! Our grill is having some issues, so I ended up baking the chicken; I also forgot to put the potatoes in the oven in time to bake, so I ended up making instant 4 cheese potatoes. So it wasn't the exact same, but it was good - I feel like I'm well on the way to redeeming myself.
* We've decided to lay off the "pill popping" pressure for Hailey. She is content with us breaking the pill and putting it into something to drink. We are content not to fight with her!
* Thursday I had a serious emotional break down - I think from the stress of our everyday lives, the holidays, the hormones and a multitude of other small issues that have just grown into one big problem. Cory, bless his heart caught the brunt of it but handle it like a true soldier! Don't worry, I'm getting help - thanks to my husband (have I said lately how lucky I am?!?!)
* Yesterday Cory cleaned my car out! It was soooooo disgusting!! But now it looks like new - I almost hate to drive it; I just want to park it and look at it!
* I also got a package yesterday from the Dale's. I won a drawing on Stephanie's blog a little while ago, and my prize was some hand soap in a cute Snowman and some lotion (it smells so yummy). Thanks Steph!
* We got rugs today!! YEAH!!!!!!!! The best part is - they were free! Our friends Chase and Mandy wanted to get rid of them because they have limited room in their apt, so they gave them to us! Hopefully I will take a pic of them and post it soon. They're awesome.
* We switched insurance companies today. Why is this important, you ask?!?! Well, we'll be saving about $800 a year - that's something to celebrate! And no, we didn't switch to Geico, we actually left them!!
* My mom is supposed to be sending me some Christmas stuff to get me in the spirit (and maybe Annie too). I can't wait to see what it is and get it all together.

I guess that's about it for now. Nothing spectacular for now. But I've grown to love the fact that my life has become a little boring. The Army gives me enough road blocks to deal with daily!! Til next time...