Sunday, December 9, 2007


My belly at 31 1/2 weeks! Notice the bandage on my finger - I sliced it open with a steak knife! I'm so glad to be married to a Paramedic/Combat Medic!!
Here's the front view! Please excuse the outfit - I only have one pair of maternity jeans and a couple of shirts, so I wear bum clothes the majority of the day!

One of our new rugs. We have another one this size and a small one to match at the door! Not what we would have picked out, but FREE and they get the job done!

Our new additions! This is Zach, Lucky and Ben - our friends the Finleys moved and did not want them anymore! No, this is not our big decision!!

A closer look at our tree, the girls and Cory did a great job decorating!!

Here is our Christmas Tree!! I'm so proud - its our first family tree!

Here is Sam (blue) and Hailey (pink) on Santa's lap for the very first time!!! And they actually talked to him! Before now they always screamed!! I'm so proud.


A. Magner said...

Reese must be growing like crazy. (but that's a good thing) :)
I love your decorations. I am sorry I haven't gotten any in the mail to you yet. Getting to the post office hasn't gone well for me.
Tell the girls I am so proud of them for sitting on Santa's lap! :)