Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sickness and Sicko's

While I'm waiting on Cory to get ready to go and get our Christmas tree (YEAH!), I thought I'd take a minute to update you on our week and all the exciting and lack there of things that have happened.
Hailey has had some sort of Upper Respiratory junk for the last couple of weeks. It always scares me when Hailey gets sick because she seems to have less of an immune system built up than Samantha. I called my mom about a month ago and asked her to send us Hailey's nebulizer as I left it in SC. So I was ready to combat any asthma symptoms that may arise. Thank GOD it didn't get to that point. She just had a nasty cough and it is getting better.
Samantha seems to be getting what Hailey had. Oh the joys of siblings and better than that, TWINS!!!!
I can't remember if I blogged about this next particular occurence when it happened, so I'll give you the reader's digest version really quick. When we first moved into our village, we got a knock on our door after about a week and a half. It was CID (criminal investigations division) - no they weren't here for us! They were informing us of an attempted abduction that had occured the night before in OUR cul de sac. YIKES!!! Things have seemed to die down until this week. Apparently, this SICKO has tried to take another kid or two. They (CID) had a sketch of this pervert and a description of the guys car(s). This is particulary frustrating for us here for several reasons: *While we are considered "on post housing", we are not inside the main gate and therefore there is easy access to our village. *To live here, you have to have at least 2 kids because these are all 4 & 5 BR houses (at the age of 10, you do not have to be under direct superivision of an adult during the day, so there are TONS of kids walking around before and after school - its a picking ground for anyone who wants to take innocent kids) *While we have two gates to get to our village, they are unmanned due to "lack of manpower". We are not slated to get guards until 2011. So basically we are just sitting ducks until SOMETHING happens. I just hope that its something positive and not something tragic!
So there you have. We are off to purchase our very first Christmas tree and some decorations to get us all in the mood! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Check back for some pics of the Girls with Santa, our Christmas tree, a belly pic from me and our new additions!!!