Saturday, December 29, 2007

A year in review

This year has been filled with "the best of times and the worst of times." I've decided to break down the year into months (kind of like a Thursday 13, but really a Saturday 12) and recap our year. I don't blame you if you just skim over it, I'm sure its going to be long!!! Hope you enjoy looking back with us and I can't wait to read about your year too!!!
*January - Started off bad as I had to put Cory back on a plane to San Antonio only 6 days after our wedding to finish his AIT. The rest of the month was filled with school and work, on top of all my other daily doings!
*February - I flew out to San Antonio the weekend after Valentine's Day to see my Hubby. This was the first visit to what would soon become my home state. We had a great time just being together - nothing spectacular as he had a curfew imposed by Uncle Sam! Saying goodbye this time was bitter sweet as we knew this would be the last time we'd have to leave each other for a while!
*March -Cory graduated from AIT - FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! We thought the tough part was over, boy were we wrong!!! We found out that Fort Hood would be our home - we had NO clue what we were in for! Cory came home for two weeks thanks to the Army allowing him to "recruit". This was our first real taste of married life!
*April - Cory reported to Fort Hood and I began to really buckle down as school was coming to a close!!
*May - I graduated from GTC, left a job at SEMS that I LOVED, said good bye to everything and everyone I love and moved to Texas. A few short days later, I took my NREMT -P and passed on the first try - a feat not accomplished by many!!! So yes, I am a Paramedic still (for those of you who asked) - just putting it on hold for a little while!! The girls joined us in Texas at the end of the month!
*June - Pretty boring, just settling in to our new apt and life here in Texas. Oh yeah - we found out we were expecting our "love child"!!!!
*July - Boring!!!!
*August - The girls started Kindergarten. They absolutely love it and have really blossomed and are learning so much!!! I turned 25 on the 31st!
*September - Cory turned the big 27 on the 1st! I missed TONS of birthdays, one that hit me more than most!
*October - We headed home to SC to celebrate the girls BDay and see everyone for the last time for a while! We had such a wonderful time and it was so hard to leave - again. Halloween was such a let down. But we did move into our NEW house!!!!!!!!!!
*November - Missed tons more birthdays. Saw Reese on the 3D ultrasound (well kind of). Celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family and on our own - in every sense of the word! We had a great time and made memories that will not soon be forgotten!!
*December - Started off rough as I was dealing with what I have lovingly termed "pre baby blues". I think Cory thought I was losing my mind, but I have recovered for the most part. The holidays hit hard as did my pregnancy!!! We all got the stomach bug - and survived. The month was closed out with a visit from Pappie that we all needed!!! Lastly, Cory and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary - a little unorthodoxed but thats the way we like it!!!

So there you have it. Our year in a nutshell. Its been filled with ups and downs and test after test of our patience and trust in the Lord. He has always provided and for that we are truly grateful! We are now just waiting for the arrival of our little man. Next year promises to be just as busy and trying as we are anticipating Cory's deployment, our move back to SC and most importantly the birth of Reese! I hope you all have a great New Year's and your year is filled with more blessings than you can count!! May God bless and keep you and we hope you have a GREAT 08!!